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Conversation Between youngde and VNEpic
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  1. VNEpic
    2008-10-15 21:51
    Thanks for the friend's request. Its nice to see other Kallen fans around here and making friends on these boards
  2. VNEpic
    2008-10-15 21:50
    Thanks for the heads up. Yeah I have seen their posts. It was frustrating and took alot to not post about. Even though i posted one thing about the ambiguity (sp?) of the ending, I could have sworn Sol was trying to bait me into an argument about it. Sol's walls of text is valid in some aspect, its just that Sol seems to really want to make Shirley win in the shipping wars and I got tired of it.
  3. youngde
    2008-10-15 21:45
    I don't worry about me. I've always tried to respect other people's ships, espeically when they have perfectly valid reasons to support them. I don't try to hate on people and it usually takes a HELL of alot before I get pissed off. I'm more just bored with any debate with anyone who says there is one interpretation for something that was clearly meant to be left open ended.

    So don't worry about pising me off. Sol Fading and sport72xtreme are two you should watch for. They seem to have this insane drive to win arguments about a television show. My suggestion is too largely not post in reply to them. I've tried before and eventually, I just decided I don't have the time or patience for it.
  4. VNEpic
    2008-10-15 21:37
    Hey. Just messaging you to clarify what i posted in the romance thread if I appeared vague and in the wrong way. I was just stating that everyone is entitled to what they like, its just hard to try to change a person's mind on it when they are so dead set on trying to push what they interpret as fact. I agree with you on that since its just BS to ignore that there was no clear winner and all girls were equal in some way as Lelouch's LI. I guess Im trying to be open minded and not put my Kalulu bias in my previous posts since it seems it sparks giant walls of texts and I dont want to create enemies since im new around here even though I been around as an unregistered guest.

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