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Conversation Between ChainLegacy and Kirarakim
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  1. Kirarakim
    2013-12-09 08:45
    It's one of my favorite episodes but I have a lot of favorite episodes.

    It is also one of my favorite scenes. I just like when Natsume smiles and when the Youkai acknowledges that he can smile like that showing the change between when she knew him as a child and the present.
  2. ChainLegacy
    2013-12-08 22:46
    I have been watching Natsume Yuujinchou slowly over the past few months. I just got to the episode your avatar comes from. I have to say, it's possibly my favorite episode of the series so far. Did you choose it like that on purpose?
  3. ChainLegacy
    2013-03-01 11:10
    Good to know! Thanks for clearing up my silly misconceptions. I enjoyed the discussion anyways, though I don't think we were going to see eye to eye no matter how long it went on. At least we both enjoy the show.
  4. Kirarakim
    2013-03-01 11:04
    "Oh, okay. I have a bad tendency of misreading people's tonality through text. I've done it before on this forum and made myself look stupid several times..."

    Taking this off the forum so we don't get off topic.

    It's okay I just wanted to make it clear that although I may disagree there are definitely no hard feelings (and trust me I know it is hard to read people on a forum).

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