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Conversation Between raile and Urei
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  1. raile
    2010-11-15 23:04
    Tsk. Playing modest now. are we?
  2. Urei
    2010-11-15 15:36
    I got the 3rd place! Thanks alot for your vote even though my signature might've not been all that great
  3. raile
    2010-10-27 22:20
    Don't be a Ranka and get your hopes too high.

    P.S. Voted for ya.
  4. Urei
    2010-10-27 13:55
    Fufu :>

    Being in denial? Nah, I'm just super positive
  5. raile
    2010-10-26 05:29
    Oh ye in denial.

    And nice signature you got thar!
  6. Urei
    2010-10-23 04:07
    *stab stab stab* Wha...? Ah, right!

    I think we're meant to be great lovers.
    That said, I also think we can be amazing partners.
    There's plenty of fish out there in the sea, but if you look I'll kill you~!

    *unloads all the love lines on Urei*

    PS seriously... look at my SOTM entry already! :>
  7. raile
    2010-10-21 23:31
    It's not's me actually, it's vivitoru .
    I think we're just meant to be great friends.
    That said, I hope we can still be friends.
    There's plenty of fish out there in the sea.

    *unloads all the cliche lines on Urei*
  8. Urei
    2010-10-21 23:26
    Nuoh! Was I too late?! Now I'm sad... you horrible, horrible woman you! You destroyed my feelings with that 'LDR' *smokes sth*

    *stab stab stan stab* ohh... my poor chest *stab* :icon for a dead smiley that is not on animesuki:
  9. raile
    2010-10-21 23:15
    It is okay, my lackey.
    And it is 'from-different-countries' kind of long distance.
  10. Urei
    2010-10-21 23:13
    Forgive me my ignoracje because I'm inexperienced! Is it 'long distace' or maybe 'super long distance' or maybe 'space travel distance' ... or ack, 'stargate travel distance' ?

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