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Conversation Between PrincessFrani and legend14
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  1. PrincessFrani
    2009-10-23 17:04
    Yeah, I got to sleep in longer than I have to get up because of my dad's graduation. I didn't have to go to school for that! YAY ME!
  2. legend14
    2009-10-23 03:45
    oh god i hate the fact that we have ta wake up very early every day in the mornin

    just to go to school x( ! somtimes i can't handle how sleepy I am ! so I sleep in class xD

    I hope you're feelin better now >< ?
  3. PrincessFrani
    2009-10-22 17:53
    I know the feeling today. I got up at 6:00 AM at school and throughout the rest of my day, all I could think of was, "sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep....."
  4. legend14
    2009-10-21 21:33
    lol unlike me i'm goin to sleep ~_~ i'm dead tired and my head is killen me : ( !
  5. PrincessFrani
    2009-10-21 20:15
    YAY!!! Random typing: I'm listening to Morningwood's Nth Degree.
  6. legend14
    2009-10-21 19:26
    lol xD ,, thx alot for addin me as a friend ^^ and i'm really

    lookin forward to know u more
  7. PrincessFrani
    2009-10-21 17:39
    It's okay. Not many people in my town do as well.
  8. legend14
    2009-10-21 06:59
    aha ^^ too bad i dun happen to know this anime ><"
  9. PrincessFrani
    2009-10-20 18:54
    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It was from a Noizi Ito illustration where the SOS Brigade gone fantasy RPG.
  10. legend14
    2009-10-20 07:29
    a.t ,, yumm cool i love cornbread ♥ ^^

    btw i like your avatar from which anime is it ?!

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