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Conversation Between Sixth and ~Yami~
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  1. Sixth
    2017-11-24 01:34
    Haha...I don't think that would be any more weird picture from recent SnS for me to use.
  2. ~Yami~
    2017-11-24 01:31
    oh good... it's better to put that "godslayer" emblem instead of another weird picture from Shokugeki no Soma
  3. Sixth
    2017-09-04 23:20
    Nonsense. My avatar is the only and True Momo. The other Momo that you have seen is just an illusion.
  4. ~Yami~
    2017-09-04 08:23
    Recent chapter of shokugeki showed how cute Momo is... then I visited Animesuki and saw your avatar.. you ruined it
    cursed avatar pic
  5. Sixth
    2015-07-05 12:49
    I know how you felt but i need to do something to remind me of the cute Koyuki, thus the avatar picture. It had been more than a year that Iris Zero went hiatus. It is shame that this series is actually good to read.
  6. ~Yami~
    2015-07-05 11:46
    your profile picture is little depressing... I wonder when Iris Zero would come out again

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