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Conversation Between Sixth and Xero8420
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  1. Sixth
    2017-11-21 06:19
    Huh? What thread shut down? I don't understand.
  2. Xero8420
    2017-11-20 09:16
    I have a confession:

    I could be the culprit behind thread shut down.
  3. Xero8420
    2017-10-30 04:13
    Sounds nihilistic of you. Guess I should take back what I said. But be careful next time. I know there are other fews who did that.
  4. Sixth
    2017-10-30 04:01
    Sigh. I have a lot of serious discussion about the series such as Suzune character, the flawed school system, anime vs LN and more but of course i will be always remembered for shit posting which I am not even the person who started it. I guess this is how the world works. You can do 99 good things but as long as you do 1 bad thing you will be remembered as that guy who did 1 bad thing forever.
  5. Xero8420
    2017-10-30 03:21
    Quite frankly, you need to restrain your shitposting tendency sometimes.
  6. Sixth
    2017-10-30 03:19
    I am impressed that you managed to omitted my name out from your post in Yousoko thread before I can reply your post.
  7. Xero8420
    2017-10-07 21:11
    Ah, I see you're into Injustice as I do.

    From my view, it's a matter of perspective if a person has an iron will to resist further temptations should one decide to cross the line, trying not to descend into darkness. Hal Jordan ending also highlighted that when he decide to go covert as Yellow Lantern, even though he just got back his Green Lantern power. As sometimes choices made would have its consequence - cause & effect karma. I think you would hate Buddhism philosophy in the "no killing" thinking from the Mahayama teaching.

    Batman do have a point, though. Once Joker is killed, someone will take his place & will be worse than Joker himself. Arkham Knight kind of highlighted that, that Scarecrow would turn out to be a much more terrifying villain in the large scale scheme.

    But either way, in Injustice, Superman fallen from grace was ultimately Joker's victory in making Superman a villain worse than himself.
  8. Sixth
    2017-10-01 09:01
    Yeah, Red Hood is awesome.

    Injustice 2 Red Hood

    This ending , he is a true hero that actually get shit done.
  9. Xero8420
    2017-10-01 07:13
    Also, there's Red Hood (Jason Todd) who used to be Batman's Robin. You would definitely like him even more for an antihero.

    For Agent 47, he can focus on eliminating his target while he tries not to kill anyone who aren't in his kill list
  10. Sixth
    2017-09-30 09:37

    Regarding your post in other thread, I don't exactly fond with No Killing Policy, so yeah, I am actually dislike Kenshin about that, but I can overlooked it because Saito Hajime was there to clean the mess...for Kenshin. So, no "Joker" type villain that will keep pestering Kenshin in the future due to Saito Hajime's effort.

    Thanks to how DC or Batman poor handling on the villains, I don't like the villain to overstayed their presence for too long regardless how great were those villains were.

    Oh, and thanks for the Agent 47 recommendation. I was looking for a movie to watch for this weekend.

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