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Conversation Between LKK and serenade_beta
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  1. LKK
    2022-04-10 13:37
    It's not a requirement that a thread be closed in order to move it. However, if the thread is not closed and someone comes along and tries to post to it at the same time as we're moving the thread, there's no telling what will happen to the person's new post. So it's more of security measure to make sure we have all the posts when we copy and then move a thread.
  2. serenade_beta
    2022-04-10 12:38
    Thanks! I did not know you had to close it first to move it
  3. LKK
    2022-04-09 21:38
    Kunoichi Tsubaki's thread should be open and in Current now. Based on the time stamp of your Visitor message, you were trying to access the thread during the small time I had to close it in order to process it from Upcoming to Current. If you are still having trouble accessing the thread now, please let me know again.
  4. serenade_beta
    2022-04-09 20:14
    Hi LKK, I think Kunoichi Tsubaki's thread got closed instead of moved
  5. LKK
    2010-01-29 17:20
    Thanks for the explanation. Next time I see you use it, I'll understand your post better.
  6. serenade_beta
    2010-01-29 17:11
    Replying to your message:

    Literally, "haa... haa... *repeat*"
    It means excitement, basically. Or panting. Like when a person gets excited (possibly... in a sexual meaning), they get out of breath and start haa... haa...
    I used the emoticon referring to the sexual harassment scene in the previous episode, where, well, the brother starting getting excited and "haa... haa... haa..." over the protagonist.
  7. LKK
    2010-01-29 16:52

    I see you use the above in your posts a lot. I've always wondered what it meant. So I'm finally going to ask, "What does that mean?" (If you're wondering where that came from, I copied it from one of your posts in the Okami Kakushi thread.)

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