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Conversation Between Nagumo and Auxilism
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  1. Auxilism
    2012-06-01 23:32
    Alright, I've worked on the indents. However, I think I just made it harder to read 99% of the time
    This page can be ignored

    I think I'll just do corrections.

    Edit: I wasn't sure at first but after thinking about it more, I should have posted the changes on the discussion posts at the home site (since you obviously check that page only and not all of them) instead of the respective sound stage.
    What I want to do to myself now:
  2. Auxilism
    2012-06-01 20:45
    Of course, I was just about to pm you regarding the issue.
    First of all, thanks for accepting my request to join.

    I think it works on the "main" pages only, I've seen the coding (using the edit function on my ipad) for your homepage and it has ">" in it.

    Speaking of which, do you mind if I create my own page there? It'll just act as a platform for me to show you how the indents would look like and my own testing of format. Since I can keep editing the page the messy process of achieving final product will be hidden from viewers.

    Speaking of which, are you notified every time I post something in the discussion posts?
  3. Nagumo
    2012-06-01 15:07
    Good afternoon, I thought it be best to move out of the thread to here.

    To be honest, I have no idea why the ">" function isn't working. I've never used it before in the forum or in the wiki.

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