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Conversation Between Cherry_Lover and relentlessflame
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  1. Cherry_Lover
    2014-01-30 21:30
    No problem, it seemed a bit odd.
  2. relentlessflame
    2014-01-30 19:15
    No, I don't know why it did that... but anyway, it's fixed now. Thanks!
  3. Cherry_Lover
    2014-01-30 18:35
    Did you mean to set the new FSN anime threads to be closed?
  4. Cherry_Lover
    2013-12-28 10:12
    Right, so what you actually decided to do with the FSN anime stuff is make another thread that is exactly the same as the one you locked and hope that it doesn't go exactly the same way as the last one despite the fact that by far the most interesting thing to discuss right now is which route will be adapted...?
  5. Cherry_Lover
    2013-11-15 08:28
    Ah, OK, fair enough.

    Yeah, I did think that after I re-read your post. I guess that makes more sense. I'm not entirely sure what there is to discuss in the non-spoiler thread, though, at least for the time being.
  6. relentlessflame
    2013-11-15 02:56
    There will probably be two threads. One for spoilers & speculation about the new anime (spoilers OK), and another for just News & Information (no spoilers). Some people may want to discuss information about the new show, but not be spoiled on routes they don't know.
  7. Cherry_Lover
    2013-11-14 23:05
    OK, so, how are we meant to discuss what contents a FSN anime might have without discussing which route it might be based on? There is literally nothing else to discuss....

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