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Conversation Between Last Sinner and stray
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  1. Last Sinner
  2. Last Sinner
    2022-06-16 16:00
    Last Sinner
    Given the Summertime Rendering anime was about to pass where I had read to, I read it the manga to the end the last two nights. And just wow...10/10. Yasuki Tanaka really managed to make the whole thing work. The utter intricacy of how events from early loops tied to the latter loops, the shifts in momentum for either side, the reason why everything was happening. If Watanabe is able to remain as faithful to the original as he has so far, he can also reach the same heights the manga did.

    Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final was an epic. If every game this series could be like that, it will be legendary.
  3. Last Sinner
    2022-06-14 17:06
    Last Sinner
    Catiously optimistic. If they put Royal on at its original PS launch price, I won't bite. If P3P is the 'best' version of P3, hopefully turns out to be so.

    Warriors won Game 5 and Curry finally didn't have to carry. If they do prevail, Curry should finally be MVP and secure the #2 point guard spot ever because Magic will be #1 but he should exceed Thomas and Stockton.

    I'm with the Avs. Tampa won plenty. Avs might have only this chance.
  4. stray
    2022-06-12 17:55
    You're going to be busy for the rest of the year; Persona 3 Portable and Persona 5 Royal are confirmed for PC (and XBox).
    Spoiler for Persona:
    I'm not sure if you've played P3 but Portable is both definitive and kind of lacking. FeMC route is a good time either way, and gamers in 2022 probably wouldn't be able to handle P3 FES Answer route.

    Stanley Cup matchup is set and it looks probable Tampa Bay will threepeat, though I guess we'll see. NBA Finals are really anyone's which is kind of surprising to me. And my Sixers may be long gone from contention but I just saw Hustle on Netflix and really enjoyed it.

    I really need to travel more... I've been all throughout North America (into Canada and Mexico quite a bit) but I've only been to Europe a handful of times. The US has a pretty shitty culture of taking time off as well which makes it somewhat difficult.
  5. Last Sinner
    2022-06-05 10:38
    Last Sinner
    To be honest, I'm not keen on travelling. I've been along the east coast states here. There are bits in Western Australia and the Northern Territory I'd like to see. But that would be it.

    The reason Australia has relatively decent healthcare is that Whitlam and Hawke made sure Medicare was a must for every individual. I've heard about the utterly horrific state of it in the US for around 2 decades and it's just chilling. I saw Canada is going for a rifle ban. But I can see the NRA, single issue voters and the like never letting it happen in the US. Feel for you, man. I feel tension every time I go out wondering whether my luck with avoiding the rona will run out. But if I had to worry about guns too...A friend of mine went to the US a few years ago. He said when he heard a gunfight in a safer part of LA, he couldn't believe other people were just acting normal around it and he ran straight for his hotel.

    I think Germany and the Nordic countries were perceived to be the better off parts of Europe. That said, Ireland is in a better state than it once was. A few decades ago, Sinn Fein being the ruling party would have been utter fantasy. Place like that would be too cold for me. Winter is the worst time of year for me. Which just started here. I'm coping - with my thermals and thick socks and triple/quad layering.

    For its time, Catherine was a rare example of adult relationships. And yes...Catherine as a character is definitely a real young adult but selfish mentality while Katherine is definitely the most relatable and empathetic. Orlando, I appreciated why he was jaded and loved any rant he went on. Vincent is a weird one - to begin with, I certainly felt little more than wondering why the hell he enabled the situation, but I guess there's schadenfreude to be had with him until he finally grows up.

    Can't say those titles did much for me. But if that's what got your spark back, good to hear.

    I think that title revelled in being a train wreck combined with a dumpster fire on purpose. It was indicative of people either wanted to see meme-laden torment or utterly sugar coated fluff in their romance in current times.

    My one crazy indulgence of recent years is Harley Quinn animated aka the 18+ one from the last few years. It has no sense of restraint and revels in utterly bloody, profane chaos. Also Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as a thing just rocks.

    I really have no idea what will happen in that series. And I didn't expect the NHL conference finals to be as one-sides as they have been so far. Momentum can be very weird even in a Finals series. One key injury or suspension could suddenly flip the series on its head. Honestly thought Edmonton would have a better showing against Colorado, but the Avs being 3-0 up already just seems inevitable now. The Rangers having the better of Tampa so far has been a true surprise, though.
  6. stray
    2022-06-04 18:04
    I'd definitely like to visit Aus but I'm a dual citizen in US and EU (Spain, theoretically Ireland too) which makes things easier in those places as far as living is concerned. The US is kind of a joke as far as healthcare though, which became painfully apparent over pandemic, and the gun thing is just depressing. I can't help but get antsy sometimes in crowded, enclosed spaces, especially after the month we've had.

    I thought France was more or less okay after Le Pen lost (again) though I guess Macron isn't perfect. He definitely lived the dream of hooking up with his teacher though. Hungary on the other hand was just hosting a bunch of American RWNJ for a CPAC conference there, so its a country by country thing. I'm vaguely hoping for Scottish and/or Northern Ireland independence but we'll see. I'm not sure what's going to happen with Ukraine though... if Putin snaps I guess everyone is on his shitlist.

    I could never get into Catherine honestly, part of it was the gameplay and part of it was that the story felt kind of... juvenile. I actually took a break from anything anime after being disappointed by it and a couple of other things around the time it came out. A few years later some of the dumb ecchi games (like Senran Kagura) that were on Vita as well as series like Kill la Kill really rekindled my interest. It helped that so much more was getting translated that I could ignore anything remotely shounen and genres that just don't resonate with me. Atlus even made it off my shitlist eventually, and I got around to playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE when I got a Switch. Awful story (made worse by the unnecessary censorship) but fun gameplay.

    Speaking of manga that's vaguely 18+ (though it is compartmentalized) did you ever read Domestic X Kanojo? It gets a lot of crap for the ending but overall it was a fun ride. I do tend to like things a little spicier but there's a lot of mindless stuff out there though I guess that's true of every genre. And a lot of manga don't know how to end, which is why I often prefer charage/eroge. Though I suppose disappointing endings can find you anywhere.

    Celtics look like they have a chance in the NBA Finals... especially considering defense was never GSW's strength. Still only one game down so it could go either way though. I don't really have a horse in the race so I'm just hoping for an entertaining series.
  7. Last Sinner
    2022-05-30 07:56
    Last Sinner
    A lot of people did like going to the US previously, but I think the state of things is rattling people. I think for a long time in the last 6 years, Australia was headed in a similar political direction. But from 2020, things gradually grated on the public and led to the election results.

    As for the gun laws here - they came into place after the Port Arthur massacre in 1995. ~25 people died and that was enough for even the conservative party to say they had to enact those laws immediately. The other big deal was the 2020 bushfires and the 2022 floods. A lot of native plants and animals were lost - to the point koalas are now an endangered species. You'd probably think koalas as one of the most iconic things in Australia, but we're on the verge of losing them. Floods are getting too regular in Queensland and hitting their capital city on a regular basis as well as country areas in eastern states. The third thing was creating an anti-corruption committee - which sounds obvious but the Liberals were doing everything possible to stop.

    Well, if you do end up leaving the US, Australia could be a place for you long term. It's hard to go wrong with the main cities for the greater part, although real estate on the east coast is...insanely overpriced. Seems to be one of the things South Australia has somehow resisted - along with have the most stable climate. Some parts of Europe are still in a good state, but some really aren't. My mother went to a lot of Europe ~10 years ago, her first time back there since 1980. She had some good times but felt sad about the state of France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Ukraine then. Can only imagine what it's like now. Kanon's comments about France leave me fairly chilled - puts Australia's political turmoil in perspective. Can only imagine what Nachtwalder has to go through with what's happened to Ukraine. Certainly hope things get better in the US, somehow.

    Your cinnamon bun analogy is very apt. They are the type that revel in manipulation and I will never abide by. For the record, I do have some female friends now. A bisexual colleague is probably my best one - some females have said they envy my friendship with her, which I find a bit surprising but I'll take it. She is married so I don't even entertain taking it beyond friends. So I do know there are good women out there - but my experiences from just normal situations (aka the aforementioned ones) that I mentioned before have made me very wary. So I guess I do tend to drift to material where either a person comes through on the other side better and with hope (even if damaged), or a soul who just wants to grow as a person and betters those around them.

    I will give Villainess a look in the near future. Saw some places positively comment about it, so I am intrigued. If it has a vibe that's somewhat similar to Bad End Theater, I could definitely get into it. I'm going to get a playthrough of Catherine done first, about halfway through. Somehow fluked a gold trophy on the fourth stage on Normal (geez, only 18% of people have ever managed that). And I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised that I infinitely prefer Katherine to Catherine. And I really need to get back on the Summertime Rendering manga, since the anime will probably reach close to where I'm at by Episode 10. Also I really need to get through the Flowers VNs in full before Hiver releases, which I have wishlisted and thank you big time for letting me know about.

    Mature women - younger men. There are some around. Beauty and the Feast (late 20s widow cooks for a high school baseball player), We Swore To Meet In The Next Life And That's When Things Got Weird (39 year old woman and 17 year old guy find each other again). Garden of Words had that dynamic in a more healing manner. Tsukihime had that as its core dynamic. Spice and Wolf as well as Code Geass also had it, albeit the female having a youthful body despite their age. My Boy has it in a non-romantic sense with a 30 year old woman helping a 12 year old boy find his way in life as well as finding meaning in hers.

    Nozoki Ana - now that was an experience. That actually had decent sales in Japan for being an 18+ manga. As for titles I should know better aka guilty pleasures, I took a look through my list of titles I rated 8/10 or higher and I think the only one that qualifies is Grenadier. It is silly but it's earnest and that 'reloading mechanism' just never gets old.

    NBA - Warriors v Celtics. I think Golden State should have it, would take an utter defensive effort from Boston to pull it off. Colorado v Edmonton is the western final in the NHL. East will be Tampa vs whoever wins Game 7 of Carolina v New York.

    One other thing - apparently the Philadelphia Eagles are marketing to Australia since Jordan Mailata has become a regular part of the side. Sounds like the NFL are trying to get a game played in Australia via them or the LA Rams, who are also marketing here.
  8. stray
    2022-05-29 17:05
    My dad always wanted to visit Aus but never quite made it... conversely I've met a ton of you guys in places like NYC and California. And I have heard a bit about Morrison here and there but one thing we always do hear about Australia is that you guys managed to get guns off the streets which... will probably never happen in the US. I should move to Europe... someday soon maybe.

    I'm sure I've had negative IRL experiences affect my tastes but I typically tend to end up hate watching/reading those things... that's probably why I still read Rental Girlfriend against my better judgement -- the fandom is pretty hilarious as well. I can deal with anger issues but not so much people who are fake and opportunistic so what usually gets me is someone who is completely toxic but presented as a cinnamon bun. I tend to really dislike the childhood friend and I'm not really fond of modern tsunderes though I do really like the classic tsundere archetype, and yandere is my jam. Himedere is underrated, the "villainess" archetype more or less.

    If you want an eroge that's a bit more grown up check out Making * Lovers its one of my recent favorites and has one of my all time favorite tsunderes. I can't think of much that's particularly memorable with older women/younger men though, and most of it is student/teacher. Ane Naru Mono is kind of fun, particularly the 18+. I can generally get into whatever if its well executed. I do tend to really enjoy darker storylines, with and without 18+. Aku no Hana was a good time (not the "anime" though), Happy Sugar Life, Nozoki Ana, etc. and like I said School Days is among my favorite VN along with stuff like Subarashiki Hibi.

    Anyway I'm barely paying attention to NHL but the NBA finals will be set pretty soon. I'm not the biggest Warriors fan but I guess its nice to see the dynasty back to an extent.
  9. Last Sinner
    2022-05-26 10:28
    Last Sinner
    Daughter of Twenty Faces - 9.5/10. Another title I'd delayed watching for a long time but honestly, I picked the right time to watch it. I've rarely enjoyed the journey of a lead character more than Chizuko. Very consistent story and deep character cast. At least Simoun got a release at some point - that Daughter of Twenty Faces never got released outside of Japan and likely never will is criminal.
  10. Last Sinner
    2022-05-24 08:12
    Last Sinner
    I can't emphasise enough how much Tsuda despised Anno for what he did with Kare Kano - she banned anything being adapted further for a good reason. Kare Kano was WAY before its time in manga form, but Anno turned it into a joke. It's a core part of why I think the guy is a loon despite some of his accomplishments.

    When it comes to romance, I'm jaded by real life experiences. A tall woman with serious anger issues literally tried to harm me within minutes of being introduced in a volunteer scenario. I've had girlfriends of my friends lie on social media and try to burn them. I've had one falsely accuse me of a verbal threat only for her to be shown up as an outright liar and who tried to harm her loyal boyfriend. So if a title tries to make me believe a manipulator or violent/angry female or one that likes to invite harm or be a bully is worth getting won over by, I kick it to the kerb immediately. My independent, reliable and rational mother taught me not to tolerate anything like that. (For the record, certainly don't think think any better of men between the father that tried to kill me, those that threatened or attempted various things or the things I've seen some resort to over the years.)

    On the same token, one that just instantly likes the guy/other girl generally doesn't work for me either because something that pure seems utterly implausible to me. I'm honestly really veering towards jaded females or mature women/younger men scenarios. It probably stems from House being my favourite character from any medium. And also from the amount of domestic violence/betrayal from both sides I hear on a regular basis through work.

    On that, Flowers probably works for me because with each character, there is generally something fundamentally flawed/jaded with them yet they're not broken and want to believe. That I can respect. And I thank you for letting me know the Hiver finale is incoming. Wishlisted it on Steam. I did buy a limited edition of the first part back in the day in the hope JAST would be convinced to release all 4 in English - which they thankfully did.

    I'd like to have some sympathy for Ottawa, but Melnyk owns them and Melnyk will ruin them until he's gone or dead. Hell, he wanted to move them to Seattle years ago and he still treats the city and team like dirt after getting a liver transplant from an anonymous fan.

    It isn't hard to be more competent than Morrison was. It really isn't. Between selling off water supplies to China, enabling police to be used for corrupt means by politicians to go after Youtube journalists, protecting a cult-like religious group with a supposed pedophile leading it, ensuring the internet quality is worse than some third world countries, making it illegal to say negative things about his government on social media yet claiming to stand for free speech, being utterly against climate change, having a cabinet full of people accused of sexual harassment/assault, who champions coal and claimed Albanese wasn't genuine because Albanese got into physical shape while Morrison is a walking heart attack. Not to mention the aforementioned abandoning the country during the 2020 bushfires and 2022 floods and how pro-Morrison the Murdoch-controlled media was. I hope this country can come back to a point I would say to people outside Australia that we're worth visiting.

    In closing to finish on a positive - have you happened to watch any of Arcane? It's an utter miracle in my eyes. Best animation title from a Western source I've ever seen.

    Edit - Persona 4 Golden achieves full cleared. Real relief. Margaret made Inazami feel like a cakewalk.

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