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Conversation Between ani_d and Seifall
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  1. Seifall
    2009-01-19 16:59
    A lot of things sure happenned Well I already deleted randomly 30 less or more, since the notifications kept appearing,I think I deleted some that I never read before, but it was too late . Anyway thanks for telling me
  2. ani_d
    2009-01-19 11:19
    Heya ^.^ I actually had to empty my inbox too since I haven't been doing it ever since I joined AS. What I did is just click the "empty folder" link on the folder controls section. It'll delete all of your inbox, can click the messages' boxes (on the side) and go to the drop down box below to choose to delete them individually.
  3. Seifall
    2008-11-16 10:36
    Oh and I forgot to tell you : Don't fear the title There is not such thing in there. Well this is nothing of scandalous . It's just pretty hilarious. I'm still ROFLX 1000 because of the first chapter
  4. Seifall
    2008-10-20 16:34
    Hi! Sorry for the late reply. You should have send me a pm I would have notice it!
    You really want to know ? It will surprise you
    Yes I saw it but there wasn't anything new in there. As you know, the love triangle ended in such a way that now, all the interviews you will see which come from Kawamori, are made, so that the lector must make himself confortable with the idea that Alto didn't choose none and the girls were tied <<
    All people are wondering about the utility of the triangle now that we saw this ....conclusion at the end of the serie, some are raging, others can't accept it and claim for the resolution in the movie .... Kawamori here, reassert the utility, the "meaning" of the triangle in the show. Well after Mickhail's death he sure must explain himself
    As you already know, Kawamori already responded in an interview " Ranka daytime, Sheryl, evening" to the question with who would you want to live with...
    Well now, you have a totally different approach for the two female characters.
    To the question : Who do you prefer between Ranka and Sheryl , Kawamori responds "both".
    OK, this is not an irrealistic question like the first one could have been, but it can be interpreted in the same way isn'it ?
    This is a 360 turn as he knows now how Sheryl fan can be ........ persistent ?
    He fears for his life huh sorry I wanted to say sellings
    He also talked about how Ranka has this tenderness which is priceless , that's why others people around her may not be able to understand her.
    I don't think he just talk about her friend since Nanase who was her only? best friend understand her nature because they are really close. Alto in episode 3 couldn't understand her behaviour, but it pretty much changed after.
    And the one thing I found interesting is Kawamori's sentence about Ranka's character,(he was surely talking about her natural character in the movie), he talked about her soreness ,which is a trait of her personality, he said that how she will handle it will be the question for now.
    Well I'm sure a lot of people here would be glad to see Ranka unchanged in the movie so that she will not overshadow Sheryl's presence.
    I would have been glad to say Ranka will be less shy or sensitive but Kawamori added : it will most likely pursue her for life .
    He sure know how to take care of his main character
    So in the movie , Ranka will stay pure even if she wanted to scream out loud towards the end of the serie tenshi nanka ja nai !( By the way,it seems long but it's short, but looks like I was right about the guy, he is sooooo cold,...)
    And I just when he said Ranka can shine endlessly... <<
    I said just before episode 25 that Ranka will shine and redeem herself, how ? I said I didn't know.
    So according to him, Ranka can shine and better endlessly ??
    I waited since the first episode and even hoped until the end...I'm still waiting though
    So he admits Ranka didn't have this boost that Sheryl had since Ranka had the potential but it didn't happen at the end. He even talks in this interview about a "raw diamond" concerning Ranka.
    And here I see people who dare to say Ranka did have a change of character as Sheryl. This is a proof here, Kawamori said it , he said that if she stays at her raw(diamond) state, she will just be like it( the diamond at his raw state) so live in this same state.
    But he said all depend on the method you used for curving it which can make her shine.
    So he admits that there are still a lot of way to improve her character .
    I don't really know if he wants to admits by the terms " raw diamond" opposed to "shine" that Ranka suffered from a obvious inconstency in her character or if he means that it's just a detail of her character like he imagines is, according to his opinion....
    I hope his vision of Ranka will be painted in the movie, he clearly loves her , that's for sure.
    Ah, he also talked about Alto's choice between the two girls in the triangle.
    He said that Alto acts like he knows but in fact he is the one who knows the least.
    Kawamori... <<
    HUHhhhhhhhh Episode 24, where are you ????? .
    You know the famous sentence that 90% of people here interpreted in a curious way : " Let's pretend to be lovers" << Sheryl.
    Alto " But/Wait, Sheryl I ..." = for a lot of people here : " they are in love "
    I should rewrite it : Alto acts like he knows but in fact he is the one who knows the least.<< by Kawamori.
    But well, I doubt that the movie will resolve the triangle, but hey! the Kawamori in charge of episode 25 sure, forgot that Alto said in the previous episode he shouldn't fly alone now, thinking of Sheryl but didn't forgot to make Alto say " You 're both my wings "
    What? Alto you pretty much said that Sheryl was your wing in the 24 and now that you see Ranka, it's not that anymore ???
    Kawamori also said that Ranka is natural.
    Look at Sheryl she is all but natural.
    One thing is certain here, maybe Kawamori don't intend to resolve the triangle but Ranka will not remain the same. He said it : she can shine endlessly.
    Knowing how he made Ranka cure Sheryl , how he was forced at the end to make Ranka slap Sheryl just to place her ineck and neck with Sheryl which was totally unmade, undone, nonexistent from 18 to 24; I can tell you ani_d: The catstrophic self journey discovery will not be repeat twice, judjing by how he praised all Ranka characteristics which didn't even existed in the show , he sure will handle it better in the movie
    I just saw you aged of one year I'm late but Happy birthday.
  5. ani_d
    2008-10-15 17:42
    knock knock. Hey Seifall. Are you japanese by any chance? Look at what I found.

    You probably heard about this? lol It's the second part of Kawamori's interview. I think Kawamori addressed the love triangle between Brera, Ranka, and Alto (right by Brera's character comments). ^__^ I'm so curious but I can't understand the texts. Maybe you can?
  6. Seifall
    2008-10-03 14:41
    My bad ! I don't remember his death
    I stay with Brera though.
    But anyway : They're head over heels in love with her
    She just has to choose ^_^
  7. ani_d
    2008-10-03 14:30
    I think he died lol
  8. Seifall
    2008-10-03 14:26
    Sheryl wants a pilot ? I found one for her
    Maybe she will be able to launch on his planet ?
  9. Seifall
    2008-09-18 11:21
    It's either the end or revival here
  10. Seifall
    2008-09-07 09:37
    Let's wait for the self destruct, peacefully now !

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