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Conversation Between Cipher and Ledgem
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  1. Cipher
    2012-04-03 22:23
    I appreciate your concern or interest. yes, I have moved away from the kind of interest this forum caters, but to something "bigger and better?" To me, yes. Though my evaluation of the worth of things is no better than a convention or another individual's evaluation.

    I hope you're doing well too, Ledgem. Haven't removed or found another blindfold, I see...
  2. Ledgem
    2012-02-06 01:32
    It seems you logged in a few months ago, but you haven't posted in over a year. Have you moved on to bigger and better things? Hope you're doing well.
  3. Cipher
    2009-09-23 11:21
    Yeah..pretty serious heavy writing there.. hehe
  4. Ledgem
    2009-08-28 22:41
    I presume you're talking the avatar images? All of them (except for my current one - red blindfold) are derived from H-games. I cut out the characters and made the backgrounds and border. This one also received the cut-out and background treatment, but it isn't from an H-game. Instead, it's some fan-art for Touhou that I ran across.
  5. Cipher
    2009-08-28 21:41
    it looks and "sounds" really cool...i just chose mine coz it looked good. Is that originally yours? Did you make it from scratch?
  6. Ledgem
    2009-08-28 21:29
    I suppose I had a few ideas in mind when I chose to use it as a theme for my avatars:

    1) A person's eyes are regarded as being the "gateway to the soul." Yet through the internet you can't see my eyes, and you can't get a good feel for my "soul." Thus the avatar, which is by definition supposed to represent a manifestation of you, the eyes remain covered.

    2) The personified form of te lady Justice is blindfolded. The reason for the blindfold in Justice is that it's supposed to represent fairness and equality; that no unfair judgements (perhaps based on superficial elements) are being made. I took it to show that I'm attempting to be non-judgemental in my dealings with others.

    3) Mystery. There will always be more to discover about people on the internet, yet what is shown is often very selective. The blindfold is a reminder that not everything is revealed.

    I suppose more interpretations could be made, as well.
  7. Cipher
    2009-08-28 00:39
    what's with the "blindfold"?---does it hold any mysterious wit?

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