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Conversation Between psycho_luny and Hero of Time
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  1. psycho_luny
    2012-01-11 16:16
    have you met mine, the shift button?
  2. Hero of Time
    2012-01-10 19:26
    Hero of Time
    have you met my friend the CAPS BUTTON? you two might get along great.
  3. psycho_luny
    2012-01-06 15:36
    not really...more like boredom
    ok i guess
  4. Hero of Time
    2012-01-05 19:34
    Hero of Time
    i guess that means that YOU GAVE IN TO PEER PRESSURE!!!
    also i am not mentally ill, the CAPS button is my best friend. theres a difference.
  5. psycho_luny
    2012-01-02 15:41
    seriously are you mentally ill or something??
    and idk...i stopped cuz the others stopped
  6. Hero of Time
    2012-01-01 20:40
    Hero of Time
    1: you are a creepy ass clown luny bin
    2: whatever you want
    3: why has everyone stopped posting in the city of tokyo?
  7. psycho_luny
    2012-01-01 15:47
    so what's up??
  8. psycho_luny
    2011-12-30 15:08
    yeah we should
  9. Hero of Time
    2011-12-30 11:32
    Hero of Time
    are you trying to avoid talking to me? seriously, we should talk more.
  10. psycho_luny
    2011-06-21 08:47
    sure...but it's not me you should ask...russian is the owner now..but i'm game ^^

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