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Conversation Between SweetHoney and Daniel E.
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  1. SweetHoney
    2012-12-16 22:25
    Thank you Dan! -hugs-
  2. Daniel E.
    2012-12-16 11:44
    Daniel E.
    Happy Birthday to you Sweet!
  3. Daniel E.
    2011-12-16 08:11
    Daniel E.
    Happy Birthday to you Sweet!
  4. Daniel E.
    2010-12-16 03:55
    Daniel E.
    Happy Birthday to you Sweet!
  5. Daniel E.
    2010-12-06 10:45
    Daniel E.
    Sorry Sweet, but I am gonna have to decline the invitation to your new group. If you check my profile, you'll notice that I do not belong to any social group, which is something I plan to keep unchanged.

    Thanks again and best of wishes with your group.
  6. SweetHoney
    2010-08-25 21:24
    Aw that's sucks =(

    Well I hope you can get your compy back soon
  7. Daniel E.
    2010-08-25 03:23
    Daniel E.
    Sweet, I wanted to reply to you earlier about your comment on my thread, but it slipped from my head somehow.

    Unfortunetly, I don't have my own computer right now and I will not be able to finish the Saber trace anytime soon. >_<
  8. Daniel E.
    2009-12-16 06:10
    Daniel E.
    Here's another Birthday wish for you Sweet!
  9. Daniel E.
    2009-03-23 20:56
    Daniel E.
    I am currently trying to rescue my interest in traces!

    I reaaaaally want to finish Cierra's Valky, yet, I can't seem to find the drive to actually do it. >_<!

    Maybe I'll take a page from KiNa's book and try to do something ecchi for a change.
  10. SweetHoney
    2009-03-23 20:23
    Hai Dan!

    Sorry was away for loong time >.> Work and school is just killing me x.x

    So how are ya?

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