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Conversation Between Sixth and Diluc
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  1. Diluc
    2020-01-25 00:58
    Well apparently Tsukuda Yuto not felt anything though.
    Dude brain is hard as rock.
  2. Sixth
    2020-01-24 06:12
    Yeah, that was pretty sad that SnS ended as trash from nowhere.
  3. Diluc
    2020-01-24 05:05
    Btw i saw our last conversation were happened 3 year ago and we were discussed Shokugeki no Souma that time.
    Pretty wild ride, right? Those years we have invested to that manga only ended as trash
  4. Diluc
    2020-01-24 05:00
    Ah Jojo meme.
    Internet never running out idea to produces these meme
  5. Sixth
    2020-01-24 04:06
    Is that so? I thought the current one is pretty badass. In case you are curious where I got this new Nobita.
  6. Diluc
    2020-01-24 03:37
    I see you back reusing Nobita avatar though the old one still look more badass for me.
  7. Diluc
    2017-12-30 09:42
    A lot people are forgetting that Momo is rank 3, if Erina loss to Momo that not mean bad in anyway. Yeah, it a letdown Erina loss in her first debut but stake need to raise up again for this comical readable tournament.
    This is why i prefer Isshiki who defeat Eishi than Souma because that less asspull and BS. It's purely battle between skill vs skill than Souma vs Eishi which obviously skill vs plot armor.
    i don't see any point why Souma must defeat Eishi and hurry himself become first seat. It's not about Souma must defeat Eishi from beginning, it's about his growth and Souma need to learn more in his second year.
  8. Sixth
    2017-12-30 09:22
    I don't mind changing and worshipping Momo if the author really has the ball to give Erina a middle finger.
  9. Diluc
    2017-12-30 08:00
    I see yours bet on Erina will lose.
    That will be great if that happen but i have been cynical to author writing for past months.
  10. Diluc
    2017-12-09 09:45
    Well, that a letdown

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