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Conversation Between lordblazer and Freya
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  1. lordblazer
    2012-07-28 23:31
    cool cool. I'll be in Morocco next yr for two years.. Sooooo yeaaaaa. I won't be in Japan for awhile.
  2. Freya
    2012-07-22 20:39
    Nah I'll be in Yokosuka
  3. lordblazer
    2012-07-21 21:17
    lol that's crazy, you missed me by a yr. I was living in Asia for up to 4 years. Will you be heading to Sasebo then since you are Navy? If so, enjoy the burgers, hit up Fukuoka, check out Beppu. Busan is closeby... If it's near Yokohama, I say don't have too much fun in Roppongi. Tokyo is my stomping grounds Well Asia in general is, Beijing, Shanghai, hK, Seoul, Singapore, BKK, KL.. Istanbul.
  4. Freya
    2012-07-17 09:02
    Rofl. Should be in Japan in 2013. Navy ftw.
  5. lordblazer
    2012-07-16 19:34
    ITs been awhile. I am leaving for the middle east in 2013. Will be living there for two years. Wanted to update you on my life. Peace Corps service
  6. lordblazer
    2012-02-14 15:58
    Yep I was pretty much that busy... I am now in graduate school in DC so I'm even busier now than ever :X that study abroad led to a lot of interesting things. Overall the last four years have been quite exciting. I hope it never ends one yr of grad school then 27 months in peace corps.
  7. lordblazer
    2010-07-20 10:23
    lol I've been that busy!!! its been a crazy two years, and now I am in China, gonna be back in the US for a month and then I'm moving back to Japan for graduate studies, will be back in the US if I pass my Foreign Service Officer exams, and interview. Be in DC for a bit before I'm assigned to work at an embassy, but I become a diplomat if I can pass the examinations!!! I got a year to study O.O still too busy to watch a lot of my fav. animes.
  8. lordblazer
    2009-06-06 00:29
    yea I ended up being that busy XD. That and the internet sucks where I live so I can't watch my favorites like I use to be able to. Cannot wait to get out of this Onsen capital called Beppu.
  9. lordblazer
    2008-11-24 15:38
    pretty much. on free time I travel. but the internet is quite slow at the university. imagine a DSL line split for 600 people. Also my social life really gets in the way. So I watch it when I get to it.
  10. Freya
    2008-09-10 23:49
    You're gonna be THAT busy that you can't watch anime anymore? It's like only like 23 min each ep...studying abroad?

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