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Conversation Between aeriolewinters and Rising Dragon
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  1. aeriolewinters
    2014-01-14 04:41
    Destiny happened, sadly Lacus needed character development, and a conflict within her.

    The way they should've set that up was with Kira's trauma from the first war, specifically from losing Fllay. Sadly her fans don't want that.
  2. Rising Dragon
    2014-01-14 03:56
    Rising Dragon
    /m/ has a flock potentially dumber than the one here.

    Honestly, to a degree, I do like Lacus. She, like a lot of things in SEED, had potential. They squandered it, of course, but it was there. Too many people are enthralled with her Mary Sue qualities through and don't like them being questioned, changed, or even alluded to in any manner that isn't positive.
  3. aeriolewinters
    2014-01-14 03:54
    only in animesuki, /m/ seems to have a hatefest for her.
  4. Rising Dragon
    2014-01-14 01:36
    Rising Dragon
    I really shouldn't be surprised. Even when I argue for something that'd be beneficial to Lacus, people get butthurt over it because I can't accept her for the Mary Sue that she is.

    Why did Gundam's fandom have to be such colossal idiots?
  5. Rising Dragon
    2013-07-04 23:57
    Rising Dragon
    I don't have a problem with BF; at this point I have no real opinion about it. The only issue I have with the thing is the inevitable renewal of the Gundam hatred cycle, and that's hardly it's fault.
  6. aeriolewinters
    2013-07-04 23:55
    don't be salty about BF though, it's a great concept since it's essentially just an anniversary thing like Digimon Xros Time Hunters
  7. aeriolewinters
    2013-07-04 23:54
    it's on gundaminfo's channel, all of them... the same with the BF pv.
  8. Rising Dragon
    2013-07-04 23:43
    Rising Dragon
    Do you have a link to the latest Destiny remaster? I haven't quite been keeping track.
  9. aeriolewinters
    2013-04-15 21:26
    yeah, All I see is fuel for my next chapter, as I'm writing something Kira-centric.
  10. Rising Dragon
    2013-04-15 21:25
    Rising Dragon
    Maybe, but I wouldn't suggest holding your breath on the matter. You'll probably end up turning pretty blue.

    *sigh* It's not often I prefer a fanfiction over the original work...

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