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Conversation Between ippus and Shiroth
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  1. Shiroth
    2009-11-09 08:24
    Yeah it's always sad to give out that much money, though i'm sure you were very happy once you had them, i mean it looks like that way going by the images you posted. :3

    & yeah they look very cute. Can't wait to order this set~
  2. ippus
    2009-11-09 07:47
    loool gl 8DDDD
    It made my wallet cry but I was happy once I got them. Originally I intended to sell the blue set off, or jsut keep the double sheryl and altos butttttttttttt

    the others turned out cute >A>; *stuck in dilemma*
  3. Shiroth
    2009-11-09 07:43
    I can't believe i didn't check hobby search.

    Thanks for this. I probably will the dive and order the 10 pieces set. It's the best way around it when i think about it. Thanks a lot ippus, you've been a huge help.
  4. ippus
    2009-11-09 07:40
    It would but so far all the places I know online sells at a set.
    I know Ebay sellers sell individuals but they're about the same rate too (only they lower klanklan instead and upped the ranka prices) seeing as they're prolly all HK suppliers loool
  5. Shiroth
    2009-11-09 07:33
    Ah, now i understand, thanks a lot. Just knowing which ones they have would be awesome thanks, because for now i'm gonna see if i can find an online site which sells them. There has to be one out there, and if there is then i don't have to feel like i'm bothering you with all of this.

    If i was going to any, i'd probably just go with two of them. Probably Klan and Ranka, because like you said Sheryl in the most expensive. Though if you can get the price down, and the shop has those two, that would be great.

    Would be so much similar if i could find an online shop that has them.
  6. ippus
    2009-11-09 07:33
    wow I can't believe how accurate I was:

    basically they sell whole set at 64USD and singles at slightly over 7. if you want to choose individual ones they bump it up to potentially 10
  7. ippus
    2009-11-09 07:25
    Each, but that's just the maximum you might have to pay. We can prolly ask the guy to bump it down for us a bit but when it's open for viewing, in HK they bump up the prices of the items that are more likely to be popular (In this case it's red dress Sheryl)

    It's far cheaper to buy as a full set (when calculated individually it's around 7USD ea.) but I'm not sure if he has any full sets left (And they're about 64USD? I thinkkkk. I cna't remember how much my box was) seeing as he does them by pre-orders (and the stuff he sells individually are his own stock)
  8. Shiroth
    2009-11-09 06:57
    Just a quick question before i work things out, when you say 10USD, do you mean each or in a group?

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