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Conversation Between iamandragon and Blade_Lord
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  1. Blade_Lord
    2008-09-24 15:48
    Yo Iamandragon, did you finish Heaven's Feel?
  2. Blade_Lord
    2008-07-25 10:11
    Hey I wanna ask you something. When I ask whether Shirou using archer's ultimate killing move on Saber will defeat Saber just like he can defeat Dark Saber you said yes he can. But when I ask whether archer can do the same thing you said no he can't. What does shirou have which archer doesn't? I know they have different past but archer is way stronger than shirou. So is there something your wisdom about this matter?
  3. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-14 23:10
    Digging myself deeper? What do you mean Tornix?
  4. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-14 04:36
    Yare yare why would anyone be jealous of me?
  5. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-13 09:22
    Somehow or other that statement of yours....
  6. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-12 22:35
    Oh my I don't mean to get on your nerves. I only mean it as constructive criticism. In one of your post you even said that your not good at metaphors.I'm sorry but before you bad-names other people you should refine your metaphors. Again I'm not trying to get on your nerves or insult you or even mock you. When I say your metaphors is painful I don't mean "You suck" but what I meant is "Not bad but you can do better." I hope this message goes through you.

    Again I apologized if I got on your nerves Dragon-nee.
  7. iamandragon
    2008-06-12 14:16
    Blade_Lord you're a jerk!
  8. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-12 01:18
    Those Metaphors you use are painful. Please refrain from using them.
  9. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-10 10:37
    Alright already. I'll take back my word so could we stop this already?
  10. iamandragon
    2008-06-10 08:42
    But you said horrible...

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