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Conversation Between Silver-Throne and anime fan99
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  1. anime fan99
    2014-02-17 13:36
    anime fan99
    I have a story I want your opinion, I helped in storyboarding
  2. anime fan99
    2014-02-16 21:31
    anime fan99
    You want to hear something funny I just noticed the stories under Favorite stories all this time we're talking, I thought they were your stories
  3. Silver-Throne
    2014-02-16 07:18
    To make things clearer, what the writer is trying to say that Ichika gonna end up with all the harem girls he has. From what I understand in his position, the names of harem members is not enough to fit in the character name slot in the page. It is very much common in harem fics to put a 'Lucky Bastard' Male Character x Female Character x Harem in the story summary. As a writer of harem fanfics, I`ll do the same as that writer did..the only problem is that it needs more character slots.


    He purposedly do that, so that readers will keep guessing who gonna be part of Ichika`s harem?

    Do you get it enough? You`re disturbing me making a delay , I`m trying to publish 2 chapters for 2 fanfics today
  4. anime fan99
    2014-02-16 06:38
    anime fan99
    You understand the question wrong the question why IchikaxTatenashixHarem why Tatenash Name in the middle why is not just IchikaxHarem With Tatenash being one the Harem
  5. Silver-Throne
    2014-02-16 06:19
    Alright then, I`ll see if I can use my fake name in FB(that`s one is my OC`s name)

    Sorry for ignoring that question Let`s go with this, what the writer stated in the plot was that Ichika gonna have polygamy(one man who marries many girls). From what I understand here is that he`ll end up together with them, achieving the 'harem ending'.

    Harem ending is a good ending where the main hero(protagonist)/ male main character ends up with all the heroines in the story where the heroines agreed to share the male main character
  6. anime fan99
    2014-02-16 06:00
    anime fan99
    1- Use a fake name my Facebook account under the name of one my oc

    2- You did not respond to what IchikaxTatenashixHarem I do not understand what this means
  7. Silver-Throne
    2014-02-16 05:52
    why my FB page? I do not know you personally in real life *insert troll face here*.

    Besides, I have some political connections here due to my grandfather, who was a former vice mayor of Cebu T_T*tears up..for remembering his funeral, he`s such a good politician..not a corrupt one*

    No one is aware of my status, only my family. not my friends and best friends know that.

    The easy way is to contact me through dA if only you have my account. I dont use my FB account that much Dont worry, I`ll find a new easy way
  8. anime fan99
    2014-02-16 05:45
    anime fan99
    what your Facebook page we have a lot to talk about and this method is not fast enough
  9. Silver-Throne
    2014-02-16 05:37
    Okay then. I can make Naruto(as a character) bad ass to my liking.

    I already have planned to write Negima and IS. Lunar Requiem is an IS fanfic btw, with slight WOT and Naruto.

    EDIT : Oh yeah, since there`s the sequel of Negima.. I can write one too, and I`ll just follow the cannon pairing perhaps? What can you say?
  10. anime fan99
    2014-02-16 04:52
    anime fan99
    I just read the summary of your Stories and they all sound interested, but I am only interested in reading Negima REPLAY and Mysterious Attraction

    Because I hate and I mean I hate Naruto I do not mean the Anime I mean, the character

    and for Infinite Stratos: Shadow's Wing Haveing some one else can do what the main character Only can just kills it

    and Mysterious Attraction what IchikaxTatenashixHarem I do not understand what this means

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