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Conversation Between Wild Goose and Ray
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  1. Wild Goose
    2013-11-07 01:02
    Wild Goose
    Yep. It's cost me a fair bit - I was recently banned for calling Hagoshod a hypocrite, troll and a liar, which is apparently against Asuki's nebulous "no flaming or insulting" rules that somehow let Hagoshod slip by and continue to harass people, but well. That's the price one pays.
  2. Ray
    2013-11-06 21:04
    Goose, my man! I see you're still fighting the good fight against retards, trolls, and just idiots in general who believe their opinion is right because it's their opinion.
  3. Ray
    2013-01-12 10:06
    Ah.. that's right, I remember posting my recommendation for the routes in Extra and Unlimited, and I also remember you replying to that post saying that's how you plan on going through those two games..

    SI? That sounds pretty interesting, alright.

    Yes~ Meiya's awesome~
  4. Wild Goose
    2013-01-11 22:04
    Wild Goose
    Lol, that's the same progression I was thinking of, cept I wanted to try Marimo-chan as well XD

    ... Also playing Extra has given me more drive to finish the series, so I can write my SI fanfic idea - stuck in Takeru's body... during Alternative And trying hard not to screw up too much, lol.

    Throughout Meiya's route.... she seemed like this overbearing person who didn't seem to get it, who was so far away.... and then she made her way into my heart~
  5. Ray
    2013-01-11 21:58
    I'm so proud of you. Best girl. Best route. But yeah, now you need to do Sumika's, Ayamine's (advised), and maybe Tama's~ Have fun~ Don't forget about the skip button~
  6. Wild Goose
    2013-01-11 21:54
    Wild Goose
    Just finished Meiya route yesterday. Hells yeah! XD
  7. Ray
    2012-12-25 20:55
    B-b-but that's Cui's ass and boobs.. not Stella's..

    Oh! Best route is best! I hope you enjoy it, buddy! :>
  8. Wild Goose
    2012-12-25 20:52
    Wild Goose
    Indeed good sir, that is what I refer to. Incidentally I'm playing Extra. Aiming to clear Meiya over Christmas ^_^
  9. Ray
    2012-12-25 20:49
    What about Stella's boobs?? Are you mayhaps referring to my avatar?
  10. Wild Goose
    2012-12-25 20:39
    Wild Goose
    Merry Christmas t- Stella's boobs? @_@ Well that's interesting...

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