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Conversation Between Shana and wandering-dreamer
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  1. wandering-dreamer
    2014-10-16 15:46
    Up to date with the manga scans and following some people on tumblr who've done summaries of the chapters for a while now, between both I think I've actually read/read of each chapter!

    And yeah, Soo Won's motivations remain the one big mystery in the story, I feel like that's going to be the bit that joins everything back together in the end so we've got a while to wait....
  2. Shana
    2014-10-16 00:38
    How far into the manga are you? There's this (read Yu-Hon's) so I guess it's a matter of why more than if. This is the only "plot hole" I've found this far, and I wished they expanded on it but I think the story is about what's Yona gonna do with the kingdom rather than what happened to the kingdom.
  3. wandering-dreamer
    2014-10-15 19:58
    Ah yeah, I've always wondered if his brother was planning a secret attack or something and King Il killed him to prevent it (since, Kouka just isn't prepared enough to fight off a huge enemy) but this is all waaaaaay speculation on my part.
  4. Shana
    2014-10-15 01:04
    I'm on chapter 41 so I wouldn't know if there was anything explicitly explaining why after that. It's more of an opinion on my part, though. Since King Il was a tranquil king that avoided battle wether it was internal or external e.g. human trafficking to Kai Empire that was a well known "secret", his brother the great General might've posed a threat to his make believe peaceful kingdom.
  5. wandering-dreamer
    2014-10-14 22:49
    Saw that you also read the Yona manga, what did you see in there that seemed to explain King Il killing his brother? I can't remember anything off the top of my head....

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