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Conversation Between n0m@n and Crimson406
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  1. Crimson406
    2021-03-14 06:41
    It’s fine dude. I understand that you’re busy at home.
  2. n0m@n
    2021-03-13 06:39
    Hey there. Sorry, just saw the message.
    Also it seems like the translated chapter name is on wiki already. Nice.
  3. Crimson406
    2021-03-10 10:36
    Got the chapter names. Mind a translation for the wiki?
  4. Crimson406
    2021-03-01 08:45
    Yeah lol.
    Bova will be the only member of the team without a illustration.
  5. n0m@n
    2021-03-01 07:48
    Haha, indeed.
    I think we have illustration of all the girls in Ise's team now then.
  6. Crimson406
    2021-03-01 07:33
    Excited for the Roygun illustration? I hope she’s colored though.
  7. Crimson406
    2020-04-14 20:12
    In that case, you should buy Ghost of Tsushima. Itís heavily based on Federal Japan and itís a open world game. Itís out on June 26th.
  8. n0m@n
    2020-04-14 17:28
    Thanks mate! We do have to stay home now so I have so many time lol. Since I did 100% of the game and also got the platinum trophy, I will be slowing my pace now. Waiting for another game to arrive end of this month.
  9. Crimson406
    2020-04-14 09:30
    Congratulations dude! This is the first time I seen you play so much lol
  10. n0m@n
    2020-03-31 20:47
    Got my copy of FF7 lol

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