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Conversation Between Valduran and chibamonster
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  1. Valduran
    2008-12-27 01:10
    Haha, wow. Interesting...
    That guy is doing a pretty decent job. If he has the dedication to do the entire series I'd be willing to leave it up to him. ^^
    Though one minor problem would be that he is coloring the japanese version.
  2. chibamonster
    2008-12-26 15:59
    Not sure how long this will stay up but it seems you are not the only one who wants claymore to be entirely in color
  3. Valduran
    2008-08-15 03:32
    On a similar note, you might want to try Shion no Ou if you haven't seen it already. It's about Shougi(chess) instead of Go, and it's only an anime as far as I know. But I found it to be rather interesting(and touching) for a story revolving almost completely around a board game. Though there is a murder mystery involved, and the plot had alot of character development and everyday life mixed in as well which kept things from getting boring.
  4. Valduran
    2008-07-23 05:15
    Much thanks for the art comments! I'm happy to be starting to get good enough that other people can actually appreciate my work a little.
    It makes the prospect of drawing an entire manga that people will actually enjoy looking at as well as reading that much less hopeless.

    Also, alot of your stuff looks really promising! I hope I'll be able to see alot more from you soon... Maybe if the community manga project kicks off?
  5. Valduran
    2008-07-16 02:56
    lol, Wow, they gave us all our own user boards(among other things). Very cool.

    And yeah, decided to come back and check on things after your post at my site. I guess I just couldn't resist the opportunity to join the most uber social group(er, army) around.

    Though the main reason I stopped hanging around here is mostly just because I ran out of energy for posting about Claymore... So many people swarming around putting up thousands of posts makes me feel like it's all a bit futile. Most likely someone will say whatever it is I was going to say anyway, and even if no one does it won't make much difference, just another flake in the snowstorm.
    Er... yeah... something like that. >.>

    By the way... I wasn't sure enough to say anything before, but It seems I've got my creative powers back under control and am able to work properly on Blood of the Archon again. I've actually already got quite a bit of new stuff done already... would have enough to show you, but a crazy work schedule keeps getting in my way. So anyway, hopefully it won't be too much longer before you start seeing some new and interesting things. (Hint: Aelux and Doyle walk into a bar... and, well... the punchline is really great! I promise! )

    ...Think 4 months was a long enough break? Yeah? Maybe?
  6. chibamonster
    2008-07-14 02:43
    Valduran! You came back to animesuki! It has been quite a while since I have seen you here.

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