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Conversation Between Arceon and Rinji
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  1. Rinji
    2008-12-17 19:31
    Oh, and if you don't mind, Iethloc's sending soldiers after your Villain character ^_^ have fun!
  2. Rinji
    2008-12-15 14:56
    Alright, as long as you know what you're doing I won't interfere :P
  3. Arceon
    2008-12-15 07:13
    Actually, I didn't intend to start off near the hero city to begin with, so I gave him a random state to be in.

    (That is I assumed you had a different location for the city)
  4. Rinji
    2008-12-15 00:22
    Ooohh now I see it. Well Gordon city wasn't really given a state location (at least not that I remember)
  5. Arceon
    2008-12-15 00:06
    ". . .middle of the Arizonian desert. . ."

    Hope that answers that xD.
  6. Rinji
    2008-12-14 23:15
    Hey where is your character? Where is he starting from?
  7. Rinji
    2008-12-08 13:32
    I made the group, you may join.
  8. Rinji
    2008-12-08 13:22
    With you at my side, I could climb mountains!!! Oh and I'll make the thread later today :P
  9. Arceon
    2008-12-08 06:49
    Sure, I've been needing to roleplay for a while ever since my old forums got destroyed. . .
  10. Rinji
    2008-12-08 01:01
    If I make an RPG, would you join?

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