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Conversation Between stray and cheesie
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  1. cheesie
    2009-02-16 23:08
    Oh, Stray, Okami's just brilliant; the relationships between the main characters are amazing, and even the side ones will grow to be endearing to you along the way. I love how it's simple in its nature, with the watercolor feel and all, and instead of voice-overs, you get squeaks, but it just makes the game more engrossing instead of being pretentious like I assumed at first. I would rank it as one of my top 3 games; the experience is just wonderful.

    (Well it was wonderful because I dove in with rather low expectations, so I'm not sure about your end there after listening to me fawn over Okami. But it's definitely a good experience, and it'll be a shame if you gave it a pass. ) So go for it, Stray!
  2. stray
    2009-02-13 14:27
    So wait, is Okami the new "it" game? I've had it on the backburner myself (the Wii version though), I may have to pick it up soon... Hmmm...
  3. stray
    2009-01-30 04:06
    @Westlo - What does the Sydney Morning Herald have to do with anything? You Aussies...
  4. stray
    2009-01-24 20:33
    It's a guilty pleasure... :E

    Actually, I shouldn't even joke about things like that...
  5. cheesie
    2009-01-20 07:13
    lolwut, stray's into BL games? O___O??
  6. stray
    2008-12-27 19:13
    We got to get you a DS... although you can't really download DS games... but they are out there... I packed my PS2 slim for my Christmas travels too, though...

    Yeh, I'm not a big fan of cheeseXTak pairing, but... Emperor really does fit Tak, especially in the Persona sense. Maybe we can make you Priestess or how about Lovers... everybody does love you, at least in the love/hate sense when the fangirling commences.

    I still like Hyuga-chan as Devil card though... it can represent abandon more than temptation I think, which fits her... :E You can be Lovers, Tak Emperor, I think Twi should be Magician, Swamp as Heirophant... hrm... Westlo as Empress? TakXWestlo FTW?
  7. cheesie
    2008-12-26 04:31
    HAI DARLING. 8D Lol, yeah the PS2 follows me wherever I go, though geh, I haven't gone as far in P4 as I would've liked. (And I see that the gang has fallen into the P4 rage. ) You have made an excellent suggestion as Cheese = Empress, although I should beechslap you all for the epic phailure of a suggestion that Tak could be the Emperor. *eyes at all*
  8. stray
    2008-12-19 14:01
    Did you bring the PS2 on the world tour? The slim is really convenient to pack up, I must say... What continent are you on these days, anyway?
  9. stray
    2008-11-17 13:02
    Spread the yaoi to the ends of the earth!!! Although, it just won't be the same around without your cheesie-ness. Bring back presents!!!
  10. stray
    2008-09-19 13:35
    Something is different about you... I can't quite put my finger on it. Wait, no... ZOMG it's a new level of pantsu hypnosis!!! I'm... getting... sleeeeeeeepy...

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