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Conversation Between Westlo and germanturkey
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  1. germanturkey
    2021-06-26 00:50
    Hey buddy, hope everything is going well. Crazy how much time has gone by.
  2. Westlo
    2008-08-15 13:16
    It's an anime first but the manga is made to follow it very closely, just due to the release schedule the manga came out first and we had like 5 chapters out before episode 6 aired since it was a monthly manga.
  3. germanturkey
    2008-08-15 13:07
    is frontier an adaptation of the manga? or did the anime come first and they made a manga out of it?
  4. Westlo
    2008-07-14 09:49
    Wow the AN thread for Frontier is plain retarded, also you (and Rah) shouldn't give up hope at this point of the show, the writers wouldn't be doing their job if it was apparent Sheryl was going to win. Think back to say episodes 5-7 of ef (I know your girl lost but you probably thought she had it than yeah?) and 6-9 of True Tears, the eventually winners looked completely fucked at those points. Even Kimikiss say 11-18 looked bad for the winner, go back to KGNE the same thing from the mid point to near end. Now who's in that position in Macross Frontier?

  5. Westlo
    2008-06-30 16:54
    Yep Sheryl all the way.
  6. germanturkey
    2008-06-30 13:15
    haha. thats excellent. especially since there's a huge divide between the ranka fans and sheryl fans. I take it from your avie we're supporting the same intergalactic diva again?
  7. Westlo
    2008-06-30 02:31
    I lol'd when I saw this, I didn't make it but I wish I did XD Should post it in the Frontier thread on AN!

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