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Conversation Between Rah-Rah and BetoJR
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  1. BetoJR
    2009-04-27 10:50
    Heh... I liked the OP animation, but the series animation itself seems a bit downgraded from it. Going by the first episode. Is that noticeable in the entire series? If so, I don't know if I'll be able to even watch the second episode, myself...
  2. Rah-Rah
    2009-04-26 22:48
    Thing about Brain Powered is Tomino tried to make his own version of Evangelion cause apperently he doesn't like it that much (As much as I find Anno a loud jerk a lot of the time, he managed to make one of my favorite shows ever) and...kind of fails . You can get a sense of what he's going for but I don't think he had a clear idea of what Eva was at the time so.... . It has neat ideas but it's execution is terrible, cause you feel like you are always missing important information, and plus.....the enemy seems to be flying plates at first
  3. BetoJR
    2009-04-26 07:33
    Funny thing is: I did respect the character, at least until this movie. Oh, well... Anyway, I started this, and I'm gonna end it.
    I'm not a Gundam fanboy, having only watched Gundam Wing dubbed on the local Cartoon Network (and not enjoying it so much) and, recently, Gundam 00 (I actually enjoyed the second season, myself). Afterwards, Urei made some suggestions to me and I'm pretty much agreeing with him on all counts. My favorite Gundam, so far, has been The 8th MS Team - that was good storytelling.

    And, sure, I've always been partial to the Macross franchise. Sheryl Nome jumped up leagues to become my favorite female character of all time, and Diamond Crevasse went to the top of my favorite songs list, as well.
  4. Rah-Rah
    2009-04-26 03:48
    The problem with CCA I think is that it was kind of hastily put together, considering it is actually an adaptation of one of Tomino's gundam novels, Belochika's (spelling?) Children, and from what I've heard, that novel is much better. Had really nice animation and Yutaka Izubuchi mecha desgins though but I agree with what you said about it. I used to be a big Gundam fanboy myself but I've gotten pretty tired of the franchise as a while save a few shows, and Tomino's disjointed, bipolor writing/directing style . Ah well, I've found greener pastures anyway (like Macross )

    Also I don't care what anyone says, Char is the most overrated antagonist in the entire franchise.

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