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Conversation Between Keroko and Sheba
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  1. Keroko
    2014-01-01 07:18
    Shebs, I've argued with Kaijo and Aki. This is nothing.
  2. Sheba
    2013-12-31 21:19
    Is that Elder Tales theory crushing your soul yet? Because I gave up.
  3. Keroko
    2010-03-18 13:58
    You probably already know, but in case you didn't:
  4. Sheba
    2010-03-15 09:43
    Sadly I forgot. I am fairly certain that it was already posted cropped on pooshlmer back when I saved it.
  5. Keroko
    2010-03-15 09:18
    Like Nya~n asked, what doujin is that Tenshi image from?
  6. Keroko
    2010-03-06 08:10
    Figured as much. Well, we'll just have to wait and see. The recently translated Love and Peace was awesome, in a grimdark way.
  7. Sheba
    2010-03-06 08:04
    Unfortunately, UFO being pretty new by Touhou standars, you'll have to wait and stay tuned at Voile as more raws get posted and eventually picked up for translation. I think about two are in progress, and even the completed ones like the two-parts Yuuka vs Byakuren by Chado get through another translation since the ones by Rascal are iffy as far as english is concerned, not a big deal when it is hentai, a big deal when it is dialogue heavy or/and plot heavy.
  8. Keroko
    2010-03-04 15:35
    Hey Sheba, in my always ongoing quest to discover more about Touhou I recently began digging into UFO, and have kind of taken an interest in Byakuren. Now, trying to find doujin about her is like trying to find a needle in a haystack (well, okay, maybe it's not that bad, but it sure is a lot harder than finding Moriya doujin), so I was wondering if you know of a few good titles.
  9. Sheba
    2010-01-28 14:35
    Remember, Sanae is a good girl.
  10. Sheba
    2009-03-25 06:33
    Yu Kobayashi was known for voicing blunt and right to the point characters like Lala Gonzales in School Rumble and Setsuna from Negima.

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