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Conversation Between Keroko and Nanya01
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  1. Nanya01
    2013-05-23 07:03
    Glad to see you finally show up on TFF.
  2. Nanya01
    2013-04-29 07:38
    Well, I'm trying to get everyone from the Nanoboards on AS to join TFF. So...
  3. Keroko
    2013-04-29 06:08
    My experience with joining multiple forums is that I tend to rarely visit them.
  4. Nanya01
    2013-04-29 04:19
    Come join us on TFF now, Keroko. There's a nanoha section and I would like it if you joined.
  5. Nanya01
    2013-04-21 10:31

    Well, just a FYI...

    Kaijo got perma-banned.
  6. Keroko
    2013-04-21 08:20
    Nah, just in Rome for a week. :P
  7. Nanya01
    2013-04-20 07:11
    Wow, even you left AS.

    Still, if you come back, please join TFF.
  8. Nanya01
    2013-04-10 11:13
    Well, never hurts to register and look around.

    Right now, we're doing some set-up because we need to get some mods working for the place (the previous version didn't have any mods, just one admin and he disappeared on us)
  9. Keroko
    2013-04-10 11:07
    Hmm, I've already set up most of my backup tent over at spacebattles, but who knows.
  10. Nanya01
    2013-04-10 08:26
    Anyway, I know you like debating and such, mind hanging out with some anime fans who have been fans since the 1980s and such? - It's a pretty fun place.

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