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Conversation Between iamandragon and Blade_Lord
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  1. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-10 00:50
    No I didn't...I'm just saying don't use horrible metaphor, or hard to understand metaphors, for example I'm not the type who knows everything about technology so when you compared charging noble phantasm with charging laptops whether their charging time is the same I have to go ask the peeps in computer shop pretending I'm interested in laptops.
  2. iamandragon
    2008-06-09 14:32
    *sob* You said my metaphours are bad!
  3. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-09 07:53
    Hold on dragon-nee,"what's with the Blade_lord you idiot" Did I just ruin your life? Or is it "the period"? Either way it's not nice to call peeps idiot.*sulk*
  4. iamandragon
    2008-06-09 06:52
    Blade lord you idiot!
  5. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-09 03:59
    is that a furball being hyper??
  6. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-06 11:10
    "There is no trust, no faith, no honestly in men."
    Really I'm stung with this particular sentence....not all men are 'bad' you know...I know your feeling stress and depressed but you can't blame all men for the mistake of's like Bush saying that Islam is a terrorist religion because a few of them became a terrorist and terrorizing the country. I mean come on...Islam means peace,and prejudice isn't doing him any good especially in this world.
  7. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-05 10:59
    Heh but she has to wait for a loooong time....just look at archer, he ended up in hell instead with Saber.
  8. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-04 22:43
    Archer death is not that dramatic?Oh come on, he fight Berserker all by himself knowing that he couldn't win, and manage to kick Berserker's *** 5 times before being kill himself. Dying in the epic battle is more dramatic than choosing to die in their own time.
  9. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-04 08:43
    Who do you mean by the death of an anime character? Saber? archer? caster?
  10. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-03 06:10
    I mean is he younger than ME or older than ME?Btw I'm 17 now...

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