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Conversation Between Last Sinner and stray
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  1. Last Sinner
    2022-11-30 15:44
    Last Sinner
    And Australia did get through...well then...friends had been calling this would happen to avenge the better teams that didn't progress.

    Apparently the Eagles have the 2nd least amount of injuries, only the Jags are better. That said, what happened to Gardner-Johnson was scary and I hope the guy isn't paying for it long term. Kidneys are not something one can afford to have ruined.
  2. stray
    2022-11-28 23:48
    Green Bay game was a stressful watch. The entire weekend was sort of weird; I regretted walking away from the Ravens Jags game after the Ravens went up only for the Jags to mount an absurd comeback. Spain played yesterday afternoon too so I wasn't really paying too much attention to the rest of the league. Denver is just completely hopeless along with a few other teams... NFC South is kinda hopeless as a division but someone has to actually win it. Tampa Tom is still in the lead for the moment...
  3. Last Sinner
    2022-11-28 07:29
    Last Sinner
    Pretty high scoring game with Green Bay but you got the win. You've got Tennessee next week - that one is going to be a very 'in the trenches' game. Kansas cruised. Baltimore picked a bad time to lapse against a lesser team. There's now 4 teams in the top 11 of the draft who have someone else's first round pick and your guys are one of them. Everyone in the NFC South is below .500. The dream of Tank Division is still alive - Bucs could be 5-8 in 2 weeks and then it would be declared. As for Denver...geez...what a mess...
  4. Last Sinner
    2022-11-26 10:18
    Last Sinner
    Tenant was loud as heck during Australia-Tunisia, so I know that Australia avoided being pointless. Doubtful they'd get past Denmark, but at least they're not utter easybeats.
  5. Last Sinner
    2022-11-24 12:58
    Last Sinner
    Fair enough. My week has been split amongst three things. Work, achieve clearing in Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate after the new patch and Friendlyjordies' house being firebombed multiple times in 1 week while mainstream media doxxed him and revelled in his misfortune. Factors 1 and 3 have killed any potential anime vibe. Domestic terrorism against one of Australia's best people is being enabled, encouraged and endeared. I'm utterly disgusted.
  6. stray
    2022-11-23 15:53
    I mean... you're not wrong about Qatar; its a shithole with oil money and should never have gotten the cup in the first place. The upsets have been kind of entertaining so far though; I wouldn't mind seeing Japan make it out of group E instead of Germany. My Spain team is doing well so far so I'll probably stick around at least until if/when they're eliminated.

    I broke down and ended up getting Persona 5 for $35 USD with an extra 5% coupon I had. Probably still not in your buy price but I wanted to screw around with mods. Its a really nice port.
  7. Last Sinner
    2022-11-22 20:11
    Last Sinner
    Between FIFA corruption and the 6,500 deaths fed to build the stadiums and Qatar's treatment of people in general - nay. We expected Australia to get pummeled, though. It was considered a miracle we even made it. Aus men's soccer peaked in the era of Cahill, Kewell and Viduka. Women's did win a World Cup and Samantha Kerr has been voted best player in the world
  8. stray
    2022-11-22 19:45
    Do you care about the World Cup at all? Argentina losing was a doozy, though France smoked your country's team. I tend to pull for Spain in international play; their first game isn't until tomorrow.

    I think I may actually pull the trigger on P5 Royal, its 38% off on Fanatical and Gamebillet. Still contemplating if I can justify it but the mods I've seen look pretty interesting so far.
  9. Last Sinner
    2022-11-21 02:20
    Last Sinner
    Results really went your way today. Vikings and Giants both had howlers. Division gap is back to 2 games. Chiefs barely clawed out maintaining their conference lead. Those AFC standings are brutal - a lot of 10 win teams will probably miss the playoffs this season. Maybe even 11.

    I've never been a fan of her work either. Maison Ikkoku is the one that irks me the most - it's filled with an endless amount of idiots. That is probably my biggest gripe with her work full stop - common sense was made extinct in her realm.

    I may get back to one of my faves before going back to the past. Penguin Highway might get me back in the mood. I had stopped about halfway through Boogiepop and Others, should probably finish that off.
  10. stray
    2022-11-16 10:05
    The media makes too big a deal of undefeated teams but that loss was still ugly. Having the tiebreaker over the Vikings is going to be important down the road. Agree with you that Vikings-Bills was just ridiculous. I didn't really start watching the tail end of the game and just couldn't comprehend those consecutive QB sneaks. The Bills themselves are sort of imploding on offense, while teams like Washington, SF and Tampa are making a pretty good case that they should make the playoffs.

    I couldn't get into Ranma 1/2 and have always been kind of ehhh on Rumiko Takahashi's comedy in general but Urusei Yatsura is still entertaining. I picked up Shinobi no Ittoki and its so bad I'm basically hatewatching it; I'm convinced that ninjas are an unfortunate casualty of the Reiwa era. I don't typically watch shounen action so I can't say much for the "wall" but I've been watching Chainsaw Man here and there for the production value and memes. Its a really bland season overall.

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