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Conversation Between otai and DJ_RockmanX
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  1. otai
    2009-05-17 23:56
    Alright, I've added an MSN contact if you need it. Don't really expect to catch me online though. I'm on Eastern Pacific Time, and can't always access IM.
  2. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-05-17 23:01
    Hmm... this sounds like a job for Kaisos and his PM work. Unless you happen to have a means of contact outside of forum along the lines of MSN or AIM.
  3. otai
    2009-05-17 22:55
    If you show me the plot notes, I'll try to elaborate on them.
  4. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-05-17 22:32
    Grand vision belongs to me as much as Kaisos, so don't worry 'bout that.

    Smaller works would be fine, and I wouldn't worry too much about grammar troubles with longer works, since that's what editors are for. However what I really think I'm looking for is for stuff with a high level of background details like your post about the Esper Organization.
  5. otai
    2009-05-17 21:49
    I would have some spare time around mid-June. I wouldn't mind writing smaller scenes to help relieve the pressure; but I haven't got the confidence to do the larger ones. Honestly, you can see how I lose my grammer when I write the longer works. The major concern; how compatible would the stuff I write be with Kaisos's grand vision?
  6. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-05-16 22:52
    Kaisos caught the emo. Interested in helping with the writing?

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