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Conversation Between Hell_ping and Kunagisa
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  1. Kunagisa
    2014-11-20 02:04
    The premise's very unique, and I think this is another one of those authors that got influenced by Nisio, who else would come up with names like Saihara Mohaya (最原最早).

    I can provide you with some links if you want to test read before buying.
  2. Hell_ping
    2014-11-20 00:46
    Interesting. Think I saw one of those on the bookshelves at my local Kinokuniya
  3. Kunagisa
    2014-11-19 03:55
    Pretty fun if not amazing book, totally recommend.
    561 pages and I'm only a third or so way done and this is just not what I had expected when I go into this.

    This author has been gaining some recognition I think.
  4. Hell_ping
    2014-11-08 21:53
    All I want for Christmas...
  5. Kunagisa
    2014-10-28 21:08
  6. Hell_ping
    2014-09-25 00:33
    Come on, Japan does sell books with brown paper covers, like Kinokuniya. The cover should be less of an issue.

    It's...pretty much mid-tier for a LN for me. I only took over the management because there was quite a hoorah over the influx of machine translation (or rather, unchecked automated translation that completely ignore grammar nuances). I might even take over as translator for some chapters.
  7. Kunagisa
    2014-09-16 11:41
    But, but this is Kodansha Novels! Not Kodansha Bunko!

    While the LN trend did peak last year (unless 700+ more books get released with the remaining period of this year), they would want to attract some of those consumers with a cover like this, but can you imagine reading a book with this cover in public? It is certainly attention grabbing though.

    Also, kinda lame that I have no book to look forward to until almost American Thanksgiving. How are you liking Mushoku Tensei anyway? I forgot where I heard/saw it but I think you took over the management of the series on BT? Might've remembered incorrectly though.
  8. Hell_ping
    2014-09-15 20:38
    Well...the guy did draw Irine 'Breasts' Brunner. Can see the resemblance there.

    There is a murder mystery by an author at MF J, it's called Shiinamachi-senpai's safe day (that's even more ridiculous).

    If the story is about murdering others through inducing nosebleed...sasuga Japan.
  9. Kunagisa
    2014-09-15 11:35
    Spoiler for Kinda NSFW:

    What does your mind think when you first see that cover?
    And what if I tell you it's the winner of the 50th Mephisto Award (link) this year?
    Can you guess the artist? Answer.

    By this way, this is my face when I realize all that
    Spoiler for size:
  10. Kunagisa
    2014-04-15 15:12
    As long as the MC just likes one person I can deal with harem (>Horizon, Danmachi etc.). Yeah, I'm interested in 777, which turns out to be a rather low profile series, suits me just fine though. As for Marida ... I don't know, I tend to be quite irrational when it comes to characters. Makes me want to tear books when characters die , which really is just a sign of well-written character anyway . Hence, why I will rage ultra hard with mystery novels where the narrator is the murderer though and they get caught at the end. Grrr.

    Either way, prob will pick up BB. Will hold you responsible if they don't both live to the end and live happily ever after!

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