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Conversation Between Hell_ping and n0m@n
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  1. Hell_ping
    2014-07-24 07:07
    They won't remember even if they see this. I did warn those guys that I was going to play an April Fools' joke for IS back then.
  2. n0m@n
    2014-07-24 07:01
    Lol. You should hide this conversation then
    People might find out your evil joke~
  3. Hell_ping
    2014-07-24 05:59
    I'm keeping this until April Fools' next year.
  4. n0m@n
    2014-07-22 18:38
    Well, Im doing the latest volume right now and apart from the first chapter, there isn't any ecchi scene in it. And that wouldn't be funny for people seeing Sleep Ping translating DxD.
    There's a short story chapter which is full of those "scenes" you see in DxD....which will make people laugh their ass off if they find out that you translated it lol.
    I'll post you the download link of it. DxD short stories are a chapter long.
  5. Hell_ping
    2014-07-22 08:41
    I'm probably drunk right now (honestly, I'm not), but do you have a High School DxD chapter I can translate as a joke?
  6. Hell_ping
    2013-07-06 06:49
    Last update was a month ago. Let's hope he continues though.

    The worst thing is that there's still an upcoming volume 9 in September...
  7. n0m@n
    2013-07-06 06:30
    Lol. How about you leave IS for last?
    Also it seems like there is a new translator who wants to continue doing IS.
    Lets hope his motivation lasts.
  8. Hell_ping
    2013-07-06 06:15
    Hell_ping I'm on my own now...? T.T
  9. n0m@n
    2013-07-06 06:03
    Sorry. I'm shifting to a new place soon(still in the same country). Its going to be a messy year for me.
  10. Hell_ping
    2013-07-06 05:41
    So, are you still in for August?

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