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Conversation Between Hell_ping and HimekoTachibana
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  1. Hell_ping
    2012-08-30 09:45
    There is an edit button. (Yeah, I know I'm being lazy...sorry...) I have no idea which chapters they are, but anyone with an account on Baka-Tsuki wiki can go to the page, head to the top of the page and make their edits.
  2. HimekoTachibana
    2012-08-30 08:15
    Fixed several small mistakes in Volume 8.
  3. Hell_ping
    2012-08-29 11:02
    Hell_ping to /a/. I will be withholding the names of the translators.
  4. Hell_ping
    2012-08-29 04:36
    Will make an official statement on the B-T thread tomorrow depending on my decision.
  5. Hell_ping
    2012-08-27 21:53
    To cleaner's question:

    or why dont you ask paypal?
    TLG did so already as well.

    As for your question:

    How did you guys even find that website? None of us have ever seen it before until you posted about it. What type of traffic does the website have? Do we know if he's actually gotten any donations?
    In the big scheme of things, how big of a problem is this website and how does it affect you guys personally besides "he's possibly monetizing off our free translations"?

    By all means I wish we could do something to help take the site down but what can we do besides ask nicely? I respect that you guys have the right to nuke AW form BT but it's extremely unfair for the hundreds if not thousands of us who read it to suddenly have it gone. It's really depressing.

    Many of us would rather personally donate money to the translators on BT rather than have you guys delete the entire project together just because someone else "might" be receiving donations.

    The holy situation doesn't sit right with me.
    It was pretty much due to some members of ours notifying us (not saying who they are), and tbh, we have no idea of the traffic flow there. We have no idea of how much donations the web might receive.

    I do agree that it's unfair, and people might call it 'monopolizing our translations' when they talk about us, but at the end of the day, I don't think any translator wants to see their work being profitted by someone else.

    >> AW posted on free site
    > >Another site has it up only if people donate
    >> Take down free version
    > Doesn't that just encourage traffic to the other site even if the translations came from BT in the first place
    Exactly, we make them provide the translations.

    Man.. why did this have to happen now. And here we were thinking Accel World would take off soon. What a fucking road block this bullshit is.
    Unfortunately, too. Either Code-Zero or I would have worked on Accel World for sure...for me, it was a matter of personal interest. For Code-Zero, it's about him being too nice.
  6. Hell_ping
    2012-08-27 21:26
    I know, but it had been a week since we tried contacting the site owner. I know about what /a/ does because that's the power of anonymity. The owner did try to pull a fast one by removing the LN link from the menu tab and keeping the webpages, so it did seem to me that the panic button is not pressed yet...

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