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Conversation Between Hell_ping and Miraluka
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  1. Hell_ping
    2015-03-06 11:03
    I owe you a white chocolate
  2. Miraluka
    2015-02-15 19:26

    PS: Yeah, I know, late, but I had no time though...
  3. Miraluka
    2014-12-20 04:30
    I made a preview, I would like to show it to you.

    I'm posting from my cellphone at 4:30 am.

    I'll contact you again later. I need some sleep.
  4. Hell_ping
    2014-12-20 03:14
    Alright, title of page and such? I'll work it up for you (Even if it's 2 weeks late...)
  5. Miraluka
    2014-12-05 17:35
    Ping, hello, I ask you how to start a project on Baka Tsuki? I want to start one while I have free time for now.
  6. Miraluka
    2013-08-24 10:02
    Thank you very much.
  7. Hell_ping
    2013-08-24 06:41
    Done. Now back to meditation.
  8. Miraluka
    2013-08-20 23:34
    Nothing yet? 3
  9. Miraluka
    2013-08-16 13:09
    Sadly its tracker is the only one who has seeds sharing :S. Sorry. The other alternative would be upload it myself but I'm on a cellphone posting so that is out of question.

    Btw, it seems you have it downloaded already, right?
  10. Hell_ping
    2013-08-16 00:09
    ...You just made me download from a hentai site...?

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