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Conversation Between Nita and Thunderbird
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  1. Thunderbird
    2009-12-09 22:12
    Lolz! I'm glad you liked it. I might have gone overboard with all the fighting and such but I wanted to at least making know not suck so bad when it came to the combat parts XD
  2. Nita
    2009-12-09 20:02
    Well, it is good, well written... and it's nanofate (though I was more yay!ing for the Thunderbird thing than that XD)

    The funny thing is that I started to read it at 3.30 am, u stole my sleep time! Just kidding
  3. Thunderbird
    2009-12-09 18:45
    Well I am glad you liked it. And I am also glad that people followed it. Despite the rev count on it its been hit almost 10k times. I think the count is 9872 lol
  4. Nita
    2009-12-09 18:21
    I knew I saw your nick somewhere before XD Loved that fic, btw... even if I didn't review

    *is shot*
  5. Thunderbird
    2009-12-08 23:22
    *gasp* I have been exposed! *runs* lol jk jk but yeah thats me ^.^
  6. Nita
    2009-12-08 20:43
    Hey ;D *waves*

    I don't know if I'm right, but are you the one who wrote Thunderbird: The forgotten story at

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