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Conversation Between Nita and Alavon
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  1. Alavon
    2009-11-26 02:28
    Sorry for responding late... >.> Anyway about your last post...

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I can SOOO see that expression of yours as soon as you saw that whole turkey! XD
  2. Nita
    2009-11-23 23:36
    I don't really remember, it was two years ago in a trip to Peru i-i I was very hungry and made my parents stop at a restaurant there, and oh my gosh, when I said "turkey" I imagined a part of it, not the whole bird! dammit! Then, I just got sick..
  3. Alavon
    2009-11-23 23:28
    Really!? @___@ Why?
  4. Nita
    2009-11-23 23:25
    Last time I ate turkey, I got sick TwT But yeah, just looking at it makes my stomach growl xD
  5. Alavon
    2009-11-23 23:23
    Thanks! Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory, that custom pretty much sneaked in! XD But Turkey tastes good...


    SIDE NOTE: Liitha it is!
  6. Nita
    2009-11-23 23:20
    Heh, don't worry Liitha is fine xD

    I've never celebrated thanksgiving before (mostly 'cause I'm from south-america xD). Its such an unknown holiday for me So happy latethanksgiving for ya!
  7. Alavon
    2009-11-23 23:05
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! I'll post it hopefully this Wednesday (Thanksgiving weekend XD). How would you like to be known or credited as?
  8. Alavon
    2009-10-25 23:09
    Can't wait and take your time. Keep holding on to your dreams!
  9. Nita
    2009-10-25 23:03
    D: I just read chapter tree of Animal Instincs, I don't have time to review now but I'll do it tomorrow! Loved Arf's story i-i

    And oh, I'll trust in my dreams then
  10. Alavon
    2009-10-25 20:54
    If you can dream it, you can do it! XD

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