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Conversation Between roankun and Francismeunier
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  1. Francismeunier
    2010-08-09 11:31
    Just tell me when you it in the end. I do still want a opinion but euh....apology accepted.
  2. roankun
    2010-08-09 10:15
    Ummm... I dunno if any are fluid to my eyes... I haven't exactly seen them all...

    Gar.... I knew I shouldn't have said that. Now I have this weird feeling in my gut that I have to see this through to the end, whatever the end is.

    Okay. So sorry for possibly insulting your GIF making skills, and um.... yeah.
  3. Francismeunier
    2010-08-06 10:53
    Well they are not but sometimes the connection makes it like that or maybe the browser you use? I don't know but I am sure not all of my GIFs are not fluid. Surely there must be some that are fluid to your taste? I assume.
  4. roankun
    2010-08-06 09:35
    I know what GIF's are. LOL.

    I mean, GIF's are a bunch of slides, but they're not supposed to feel like slides... or something like that.
  5. Francismeunier
    2010-08-06 08:29
    Well GIFs are slides together. Only thing I can think of is when I cut some out to reduce the size of from 200 frames to 100 so it's not slow like you want to be fluid but more slow downed and less in size. Like that some of them I can post to show them since they have a limited size file here.

    Well I still have improvements to do but at least I am one who does them and many just don't bother with them. That's too bad because many people look for some of them of different series like Ef A Tales of Memories for example.
  6. roankun
    2010-08-06 06:39
    This is about the GIF thing...

    The problem is not that you slowed them down, but that it feels like a bunch of slides of some similar (but not the same) images, which is exactly what it is if you think about it, but still...

    Ummm... Anyway, don't mind me. I don't really know how to help you improve, and the onl reason I posted this at all was because I felt like I owe you this since I told you that your GIF's weren't good or something like that... Anyway.

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