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Conversation Between Argent Solbright and Tiresias
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  1. Tiresias
    2011-03-05 07:53
    Hmmm? Nah, I don't work at the National Air Defense Command, I just like the motto . Read it in Angkasa magazine once and took a liking on it...
  2. Argent Solbright
    2011-03-05 07:42
    Argent Solbright
    Hmm, I'm wondering. Are you working at Airforce Command or you just like the logo?
  3. Argent Solbright
    2011-01-30 11:13
    Argent Solbright
    Actually, I never heard about the crop circles until I read something about in my friend's FB status You know, I don't watch tv and I don't read newspaper recently either. So,... those are just made up by someone (human) I think. I believe in the possibilities of E.T. life but i don't subscribe to any UFO or other visiting alien theory.
  4. Tiresias
    2011-01-27 04:13
    I know this is late, but what's your take on the recent crop circles? Man, the crazy media seems poised on declaring them as UFO's from day 1...
  5. Tiresias
    2011-01-18 20:28
  6. Argent Solbright
    2011-01-18 14:35
    Argent Solbright
    Just wandering, what game/anime the characters in your sig came from?

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