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Conversation Between kujoe and demon_god04
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  1. demon_god04
    2008-12-09 15:46
    Although the weather is not as nice as it is here. Really though, Vancouver is a great place to live, crappy place to work. -.-
  2. kujoe
    2008-12-03 23:48
    I came from the Philippines, and if I had another choice I'd probably choose Montreal. That is, if I had a lot of opportunities there, not to mention speaking French would also be a bonus.

    Then again, I would miss the colorful community here.
  3. demon_god04
    2008-12-03 16:25
    Ah I have been here since I was six, immigrated from Hong Kong.

    I am just finishing my first semester. I worked for a few years before decided to go back to school.
  4. kujoe
    2008-12-03 14:02
    I already graduated. Actually, I'm quite new here in Canada (around two years so far) so I really haven't done much here I'm afraid.

    I took some classes in UBC under the Continuing Studies program, and that's about it. The program doesn't really go that far in Japanese language studies, which is why I want to continue in Japan if possible.

    What about you? What year are you in?
  5. demon_god04
    2008-12-03 11:23
    ah so you are going to school then? Where are you studying?

    I want to go to Japan as well but that will have to wait until I take some Japanese language courses.
  6. kujoe
    2008-12-02 17:47
    No, I'm not working currently.

    I used to do some volunteer work, but that wasn't much. I was a student for the most part. Currently, I'm looking for other programs to continue my Japanese studies, but it seems I would have to look to Japan for that. I plan to go there next year, if I am able.
  7. demon_god04
    2008-12-02 12:59
    Do you work downtown then?

    Actually it does not take me that long to get downtown. The millenium line makes it pretty convenient.

    I plan on taking Japanese next semester.
  8. kujoe
    2008-12-01 21:24
    That's pretty far from where I am. I live near the downtown area, at Yaletown.

    I used to take the Continuing Studies Japanese course, since I was getting rusty at it, over at UBC.
  9. demon_god04
    2008-12-01 16:43
    Yeah I have taken some psychology courses but my major is Anthropology, I live in Vancouver as well, between Renfew and Rupert. Close to the Renfew skytrain.
  10. kujoe
    2008-12-01 16:40
    Wait, you're studying at UBC? As in University of British Columbia?

    Yes, I am living in Vancouver.

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