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Conversation Between mangatron and Dahak86
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  1. mangatron
    2013-01-07 08:40
    Yep, I'ma lurkin' alright Just need to clean up a few delays, and I'm back in business
  2. Dahak86
    2013-01-06 03:52
    So, lurking or not?
  3. mangatron
    2013-01-05 06:02
    Yes, I've seen those. I find those a lot more enjoyable to work on mostly because the resolution is larger and not so limiting like a screenshot

    Though I never seen ag12 take on the more challenging requests, but then hardly anyone takes those either. I was taking one last look down request lane and I'm always amazed at the number of requests, and many of them are rather basic like "I want to see her naked". But then I look at the pics and that's a lot of naked to do

    Are they not worth the pro's time, I used to wonder. And then that Sakuno opened my eyes and yeah, I found myself saying many times "never again"
  4. Dahak86
    2013-01-05 05:16
    Didn't expect that either. Well, at least you've got some kind of recognition for your (hard, I imagine) work. -No comments, though.

    BTW, I strongly suggest checking out ag12V1FA's latest works. Seems like the guy is on a spree lately.
  5. mangatron
    2013-01-05 04:43
    Just thought I'd check, and it actually made hall of fame, I didn't expect that
  6. mangatron
    2013-01-02 08:23
    Wow, I wonder what that's like, a sub group with a lot of girls. Man, when I was a translator, I haven't seen any girls in fansub groups. Was a little boring with just guys

    Still, an interesting idea. They ought to do a short clip first and see fan reaction, shouldn't hurt.
  7. Dahak86
    2013-01-01 12:30
    Looks like one of best ITA-subgroups around (thanks to a recent growth in the number of their female staff members) has the intention of doing a fandub of our beloved samurai girls.
    The idea is nice, and I'm curious to see how the whole thing will turn out.
  8. mangatron
    2013-01-01 01:22
    I don't mind, it's old, it should have been done months ago, and the fact no one else took the job says a lot about that

    I only hope it reached the original requester
  9. Dahak86
    2013-01-01 01:03
    Saw your post, doubt you'll make it to the "hall of fame" this time.
  10. mangatron
    2012-12-26 02:34
    Wait, there are specials for Oniai? Just what kind of rock am I living under

    That might also be me recently going through a sudden (re)discover of the '90s... Back to the times when girls looked like girls, and not like some kind of prepubescent kids.
    Oh yeah, I love the OVA era. It's responsible for pulling me into Anime, and you're right, those girls didn't look like jailbait

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