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Conversation Between mangatron and Francismeunier
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  1. Francismeunier
    2010-09-01 11:12
    Yeah I visit around....actually whenever I make ecchi GIFs I will let you know....but check my BLOG with Sekirei.....there is juicy ones for you to save and look at before you go to sleep....specifically ones from #8 Miya.
  2. mangatron
    2010-08-31 22:29
    Oh thanks, always need a side dish to the main entree

    I never really thought of it before, but now that I look at your GIF's, she really is big...

    I hope I can sleep tonight
  3. Francismeunier
    2010-08-28 14:56
    Yo since you mentioned Sae's breasts for side dish and in case you missed you go:
  4. Francismeunier
    2010-07-04 21:30
    Yeah exactly that! I have some so stay tuned and yeah going to have to check these mangas of Amagami SS.
  5. mangatron
    2010-07-04 21:15
    By the way, I should probably mention the other Amagami-related manga, which you can see in that mangaupdates link I gave you.

    Amagami - Sincerely Yours (Alternate Story)
    Amagami - Love Goes On! (Alternate Story)
  6. mangatron
    2010-07-04 19:24
    Your welcome. Life has been weird for me of late. I have this strange problem of not being able to relax during a vacation, or properly spending free time to be, well, not work-related

    Heh, Ichiban GIFs. Good thing those DVD special's aren't long or else you'd be in for twice the workload
  7. Francismeunier
    2010-07-04 18:40
    BTW Thanks for link!
  8. Francismeunier
    2010-07-04 18:39
    Of course my friend it would be a wasteland! Rofl! So what's up with you? Get ready for some Ichiban GIFs soon! I will do them all but have to fix some stuff in life first. Well at least I did the Amagami SS but I am seriously limiting myself unless requested.
  9. mangatron
    2010-07-04 11:10
    Here you go bud:
    Amagami manga

    Without farmers, the world would be a wasteland
  10. Francismeunier
    2010-05-23 04:38
    Try only going into one part of the BLOG through direct links. Because when you go to tends to show my last 2 posts.....those can be a easy over 50 GIFs but one might only have half of that so it might be less bad.

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