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Conversation Between mangatron and Francismeunier
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  1. mangatron
    2010-05-23 04:35
    Yeah I took your advice and just added about 1000ms to both frames, which,... I haven't thought if there's a difference between uploading straight to this forum or uploading to photobucket, maybe my wireless carrier treats both differently, but I highly doubt that

    By the way I did visit your blog 2 days ago, nice by the way except for the part where... my wireless carrier couldn't handle multiple open connections being abused by Firefox (even though I set maximum connections to 7), and the whole thing took a dump

    It's not your fault, just 1.8 HSDPA being what it is, works best on single connection streams but fire up multiple connections to the same server and everything goes all over the place I'm starting to think maybe lowering max connections on Firefox, but that's recommended only for dial-up
  2. Francismeunier
    2010-05-23 03:47
    BTW I see your sig I get the whole concept better. Nicely fixed if you did fix it.
  3. Francismeunier
    2010-05-22 21:11
    Oh I see. Me I have a quad processor with a fiber optics 40mb/sec connection. Did you even go to my BLOG? I love it how it is compatible with the photobucket codes and since I am a member there.....I have no problem furthermore I put a lot of avatar GIFs.......what do you think about those in my folder? Just wondering finally......single cores although I don't much about them.....should be better with more RAM is what I think.
  4. mangatron
    2010-05-22 21:07
    While I can safely say Firefox shows a much faster speed for my animated gifs than other programs do, it could be several factors involved:

    -I have a single core laptop, I noticed new applications nowadays are not being nice to my processor, doubling up cycles compared to older version of the same programs. This latest Firefox is a bit worse...
    -My method of internet access isn't exactly simple. I use a cellular internet connection (HSDPA), with my wireless carrier controlling most of how I see the internet, namely images are drastically reduced in quality, which most of the time runs off their separate proxy which is allegedly supposed to save bandwidth. I could say that maybe what I upload is affected too; which is why my blog is littered with several image upload tests.

    Sucks, yeah, but there's more than just Firefox messing with me here
  5. Francismeunier
    2010-05-22 18:17
    Really? I would not know if it does things like that.....oh well guess so.
  6. mangatron
    2010-05-22 07:40
    Yeah, I'm having these inconsistent frame timings between Firefox and everything else (Irfan, my gif animator program, IE, Windows Picture and Fax viewer all do things fine)

    It's not the first time though, Firefox always likes to speed up my animated gifs
  7. Francismeunier
    2010-05-22 07:36
    You should slow down that would be better to see the other part of it. Other than that it's good and can't wait for Ichiban #8 uncensored......looks like tentacle GIFs might be interesting to do for me.

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