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Conversation Between mangatron and Yui Is My Wife
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  1. Yui Is My Wife
    2017-01-03 11:36
    Yui Is My Wife
    Hi Mighty Galvatron!

    Ah, the things we do for our favorite snacks.

  2. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-06-07 11:24
    Yui Is My Wife
    Galvatron Old Buddy!

    You never told me you were missing because you were busy writing/programming The Ultimate Boyhood Fantasy Fulfilment PS3/PS4 Game!

    Now that you've made the simulator, none of us have to go to jail no more, having Our Boyhood Dreams Fulfilled, no?
    Thank You So Much!
  3. mangatron
    2015-05-08 02:54
    It really is getting hot this summer, ah Rin

  4. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-05-05 20:08
    Yui Is My Wife
    Getting hot this summer, no?

  5. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-04-23 20:32
    Yui Is My Wife
    How could you leave that Poor Kitty in the tree, you Human Betraying Alien Lover!!

    Then again, you are still The Father of The Year.

    By The Way, Tron: What Anime is that Bone-Shatter Aerial-Fistfight From?
  6. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-04-02 10:55
    Yui Is My Wife
    Aww, that's so cute!

    Don't you wish your girlfriends loved you this much?
  7. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-03-25 00:31
    Yui Is My Wife
    Written by the Lovely People who brought you "Senran Kagura" and a VERY drunk Mangatron....

  8. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-03-16 20:02
    Yui Is My Wife
    This is what happens when you hire Hyoudo Issei to sing the opening-song to a Children's TV-Show, written by Mangatron....

  9. mangatron
    2015-03-14 04:22
    Hi, Mami-chan!

    Thanks for all the pics, pal
  10. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-03-10 06:37
    Yui Is My Wife
    Hi Mangatron!

    Mami-oneechan says Hi!

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