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Conversation Between mangatron and FlavoryFantasy
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  1. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-05-09 05:14
    Happy (belated) birthday Tron! Sorry, this year I did not have the time to get you any pantsu presents. Or something. don't worry wandering around Akiba, I've spotted many middle & high school students. I watched them from afar
  2. mangatron
    2015-05-08 04:36
    hehe, that's one parody I haven't seen yet, and those moves are, er, frighteningly accurate
  3. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-05-03 01:07
    Because I was watching a lot of stop motion gunpla stuff/parodies a couple days ago...I decided to rewatch but somehow missed THIS ONE

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  4. mangatron
    2015-04-30 05:36
    I-I swear, I'm n-not suggesting I encountered a loli in a dark alley in a previous experience to be able to relate to it
  5. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-04-12 19:56
    Hmm, Tron. You....relating to lolis being in dark alleys. So you can not only put yourself in their situation, but fully visualize and simulate the experience and emotions? You truly do understand the heart of lolis!

    ...That was not praise.
  6. mangatron
    2015-02-28 09:48
    I might as well ask Tron, but what degrees in Hentaiology do you have?
    Hm, I'm sure I have degrees in fetishism, fashion design, hairstyle, massage, photography, oh and, I attended Tripping school, where we learn how to somehow, someway lose our footing right in front of a girl leading to all sorts of situations

    I swear this is something you would say (and do?)
    LOOOOOOL that looks so comfy, that would certainly help me sleep better at night instead of those sleeping masks
  7. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-02-28 09:04
    I swear this is something you would say (and do?)
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
    'Cept that's my lovely loli and all y'know...
  8. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-02-23 22:59
    I might as well ask Tron, but what degrees in Hentaiology do you have?
  9. mangatron
    2015-02-01 10:56
    lol, strange rabbit all I have to do is show her my innocent eyes, and she'll melt Oh, and I have to talk like an old grandpa too
  10. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-01-31 11:46
    I didn't think of it that way. Although what makes you think she'd take in a strange rabbit like you? You'd probably have the luck of being taken by Aoyama-san.

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