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Conversation Between mangatron and mysterious
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  1. mangatron
    2011-06-16 02:05
    It's not actually that difficult. You can just jump into those Avatar / Signature threads and rep people for their work, sometimes I also rep people's post that were fun to read or were informative. Before long, you'll be back to square one
  2. mysterious
    2011-06-16 01:33
    Yeah, just get my B.S. degree in Math. I dont know why they make such a system like that. It is not often to see a post worth rep and they make it so you have to rep ten other people
  3. mangatron
    2011-06-16 00:29
    Ah, classes eh? I remember when I was a fansub translator, a lot of fansubbers would be absent during this time.

    for my manga, I already have the story, characters and length set out already, I just need to retrain my hand to stop shaking and strengthen holding a stylus once again.

    Oh, if you can't rep some, you'll have to rep at least 10 people before going back to the first person
  4. mysterious
    2011-06-16 00:26
    I try to rep you but the system doesnt let me too
  5. mysterious
    2011-06-16 00:19
    Finally I am done with university, no more problems set and finals! So how is your manga drawing? get any idea about the kind of story you want to draw yet?
  6. mangatron
    2011-06-11 22:26
    Oh it'll be english alright
  7. mysterious
    2011-06-11 20:32
    I see manga-ka as your occupation in your profile so I ask. Well, if you ever write novel or draw manga, please let me know so I can pirate read it (dont ask me how ) assuming it is in english of course or hopefully my Japanese will be proficient enough by then.
  8. mangatron
    2011-06-11 02:38
    Hey, you noticed some of the changes on my blog

    I've been creating manga stories since 2003, but it was only recently when I decided to draw them out. That is still to be decided though. You might have noticed my "About Me" page which has the first drawing I did since my right hand got damaged last year. I have 2 manga projects that I want to bring out (one at a time of course), but if my hand is unable to deal with the stress, I may end up doing a novel instead.
  9. mysterious
    2011-06-11 01:49
    Thanks for accepting my invitation. May I ask about you being a manga-ka? just curious.
  10. mangatron
    2011-05-08 00:54
    Thanks. I'm going to make a post on my blog later on why I decided to reveal my birthday, it's interesting

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