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Conversation Between mangatron and Malkuth
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  1. Malkuth
  2. Malkuth
    2013-01-06 18:58
    How could I have forgotten Miu@PapaKiki
  3. mangatron
    2013-01-05 11:12
    Gosh, a twintail like that with glasses is not so common when you add up the other requirements I don't think that girl in my sig would count

    How about that Airi from Onichichi *hides*
  4. mangatron
    2013-01-03 01:51
    I'll never forget when I moved from Germany to USA, that was harsh times

    As for seasons? You don't want to come by here in the latter half of the year (July to October), that's usually when the tropical storms (typhoons) come around and since this country never learned, it usually floods after those storms. March or June has been fine so far, and it's not so much the heat, it's the humidity that increases the warmth (usually over 89% humidity!)
  5. Malkuth
    2013-01-03 00:15
    It's the same for any country, but I like it... that's why I moved from Greece, to Germany, to England, to France, and now in Japan... though the last two are short term (less then 6 months)

    OK, question time... I want to visit Philipines and S.Korea for about a month each, and I can go to one in March and the other in mid-June to mid-July, which is the best season? I heard from another friend that was born there that summer is impossibly warm.
  6. mangatron
    2013-01-02 21:09
    Yeah I'm in the Philippines, living in this country is no cake walk though, it sure takes some getting used to
  7. Malkuth
    2013-01-02 21:03
    Holy shit Those stories are crazy!

    Well, at least they are legal to import, unlike EU, and the UK where they are considered illegal

    Oh! in between, you're in the Philippines? I will try to visit a friend there, who is getting married and moving in permanently.
  8. mangatron
    2013-01-02 20:25
    Not so much the arrested part, it's the trouble I go through to get something shipped. You can just read this and this and this to get an idea, which is worse in my case because they probably think me as a foreigner = charge him more

    There's a lot more stories about it, so it's not just me, but I'm in no mood to figure out what Customs will do if they see a foreigner importing a doujin
  9. Malkuth
    2013-01-02 20:02
    That is what you are worrying about Not being arrested because of it as a pedo?

    A friend of mine didn't buy it, because he was afraid that they would be illegal in Germany, and risk 3+ years in jail for possessing it.

    As for the import tax, the doujinshi costs 5 itself (well if you really want me to get it... more, because I have to get it from Tora no Ana, which sells it a little higher, plus the ticket to get there, and post), how much can the import tax be where you live
  10. mangatron
    2013-01-02 12:08
    I appreciate the gesture, but that might get me locked up seriously, Customs is tighter than pantyhose and they open stuff as if they own it, and then they think they can charge you twice the items cost, even if it's a gift from relatives!

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