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Conversation Between mangatron and DXMichael
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  1. DXMichael
    2016-02-01 07:54
    Ouch! I hope you're back on your feet soon, not being able to talk around much must suuucckk!

    Maybe i'll get it, we'll see how much it is
  2. mangatron
    2016-01-31 23:26
    Ack, I'm recovering from a leg injury, I'm making great progress right now but it's a whole different life not being able to walk around and stuff

    Maybe you can get in on the Nintendo NX, I heard they're supposed to reveal some details on it this year
  3. DXMichael
    2016-01-29 10:38
    Good to see you again! I haven't used my 3DS in a while because a sold it I'll have to rebuy one again in the future How have you been?
  4. mangatron
    2016-01-29 07:38
    HEyyyyyy, it's DirectX! Long time no see man, saw your post in the Dagashi Kashi thread Well, it might be me who's long time hardly posting here, but I'm still around! Still got your friend code on my 3DS, are you still 3DS'ing?
  5. DXMichael
    2013-12-31 07:13
    Alright cool, it says we've both registered, hooraay
  6. mangatron
    2013-12-30 23:15
    Yeah, in order for friends to fully register, both parties need to enter each others codes

    Here's mine: 1392 - 5196 - 0176
  7. DXMichael
    2013-12-30 19:23
    Hey, long time no speak

    I remembered that you wanted to add each other on our DS's so I added you onto mine :P I'm not familiar with everything yet, i'm guessing I need to give you mine too? Heh

    Here it is: 0963 - 0694 - 4480
  8. mangatron
    2013-10-19 23:58
    Christmas in October! Well at least you have Yuushibu to keep you distracted until then
  9. DXMichael
    2013-10-19 18:10
    I totally will, erm, when I get my hands it It's more of a Christmas gift so no one can touch it until after Christmas XD
  10. mangatron
    2013-10-19 03:30
    Hey, I see you have a 3DS! Let's share friend codes

    Mine: 1392-5196-0176

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